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I know we weren’t talking about pizza but it is seldom far from my mind. So I’ve never been to Radius in Mt. Pleasant [Ed. note: Can you tell I walked around Mt. Pleasant recently?] but I was taken by the sign “A slice of New York Pizza”. So what’s the word, pizza aficionados? Rate the pizza compared to Red Rocks, Maroni and Bros. and Vace’s.

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  • Radius Pizza: Salty, greasy, soggy crust. Interesting toppings. Doesn’t make up for it. Definitely not New York. Used to live a block away and tried them enough times to give up. Live in Petworth now. Red Rock was a genuine find.

  • Have not had Vace’s, but Radius is definitely not as good as Red Rocks or Moroni & Bros.. for example, way too much very acidic tomato sauce for my taste…

  • definitely subpar. the first slice i ever had was great, but ever since then the pizza has been a greasy soggy mess.

    i love vace and just went to moroni’s last weekend. both are far far superior.

  • i’ve been to Radius once and wished i hadnt gone.

    i like vace better than red rocks.

  • Moroni rocks AND they deliver!

  • Radius sucked back when it was Roma. It sucks harder now.

  • i thought Radius was good, better than Red Rocks

  • Nice people, good atmosphere and pretty affordable too. Quite good, I think. Its a unique style of pizza, so if you have some expectations of specific “New York Pizza” or the particular style you enjoy at Red Rocks or Moroni & Bros, then perhaps you will be disappointed. I had no huge expectations going into it and have since been back several times. I second the comment about lots of toppings made earlier, a good selection.

    Also, I believe they do indeed deliver.

  • I just had a Radius pizza delivered last night and, at the risk of incurring even longer waits for delivery, I’ll tell you that it was delicious. If you order delivery from them, though, you’re not always going to get a top-notch pizza. Sometimes it’s absolute garbage, other times, pizza bliss. I favor a traditional pepperoni pizza, and even that simple pie is quite spotty at Radius. Sometimes they use real pepperoni, other times it seems like they come from those little plastic hanging bags as the grocery. But man, when they’re on they’re on.

  • Radius is my favorite pizza in D.C. It’s NOT NY style though. More of a hybrid New Haven/NY/West Coast style.

    I rate Radius pizza much much higher than Red Rocks (haven’t been impressed at all with Red Rocks, wish I was since it’s only two blocks away). Vace has a better slice, but I can’t walk to Vace from Columbia Heights.

    Radius has kick ass toppings, PBR on tap for cheap, and decent salads to go with the slice.

    Wonder what Pete’s A-Pizza will be like. Is it a chain or a local thing?

  • Hmmm. I like Radius, but have found it to be really inconsistent. As in, I have occasionally been served a soggy crust or burnt cheese. But usually, perfectly respectable. Not New York Style, really. I’m a bigger proponent of Red Rocks, usually. However, unlike Red Rocks, Radius delivers. Good for these damned cold nights.

  • Vace is #1. Radius and Red Rocks are tie for #2. And I have no idea what all the hype about Maroni is about becuase it sucked lemons!

  • Moroni is better than Red Rocks to me.

  • vace’s would be my favorite for a more traditional pizza (and the price is right, cheap as hell). i really liked my moroni pizza when i went there once but the price was steep, but damn good quality. red rocks has yet to impress me (soggy ass pizza) and i haven’t gone back in months, maybe sometime soon i’ll try it again. but first i’ll try radius.

  • Not a big radius fan because it has too much sauce that’s almost pasty.

    I didn’t realize Moroni delivers. Good to know!

  • My fav is VACE. I want to like Radius (cos its in the ‘hood) but the few times ive tried it it’s been really bad. bad sauce, too much cheese, not very good crust. my experience with Moronis was about the same — not so good.

  • I just call it a day and delight in each venue. I LOVE PIZZA. I wish PoP would move happy hours to a round of pizza establishments and have a vote at the end! MtP/CH/PW is getting some good pizza places. Let’s just enjoy them! 🙂

  • My 2 favorites are Moroni and Vace…funny because a lot of people who love Vace seem to like Moroni less. I really like all of the pizzas at Moroni though some are really better than others. And when I got delivery the other night, it was still hot and very crisp crust, and the owner himself actually delivered my pizza. I’ve been to the restaurant so many times I felt like i should invite him in to stay a while…

    For the record I think Red Rocks tastes delicious, but I’ve had problems with the pizza being soggy. Last time though it was better. All in all you can get some mighty fine pizza in DC, which was not the case a few years ago.

    On another restaurant note, did anyone go to MERIDIAN yet, in the Brightwood Lofts? I am dying to try it out (since apparently i never cook or eat in…)

  • Vace is the best pizza in DC, bar none. Radius has served up some of the worst pizza I’ve eaten anywhere, bar none. They try, I’ll give them credit for that, but the pizzas I’ve eaten there have been dreck, and the service is poor, too. Oh yeah, I got an eggplant parm sub once and that sucked, too.

    I’d give Red Rocks a firm “not bad”.

  • I have to give it to Red Rocks. That is my favorite place in DC. I’ve eaten there four times in the same weekend (brunch, dinner, brunch, dinner). Their pesto rocks! The hot olive appetizer is creative. And they have Abita Turbo Dog (coffee-like beer)!!

  • Despite being disappointed on several occasions due to slow delivery, burned crust, or over-powering sauce, I’m still glad they’re in MtP. They deserve much credit for investing in the neighborhood. I’ll continue to support them.

    Vace is good, but a little too dense.

    I do take issue with Red Rocks and Moroni. I CAN’T STAND the concept of the 12″ pizza. A real pizzeria should sell an 18″-20″ pizza. Period. Moroni is delicious, BUT it’s way over-priced, and the pizzas aren’t delivered in an insulated pizza bag, hence the pizzas were cold when they arrived. Red Rocks was typical of DC’s surging “gourmet” pizza market. Small pizzas and small plates (tapas) annoy me.

    I actually really like Bertucci’s and Buca di Beppo’s pizzas despite their being chains. I’m not quite sure why DC can’t seem to attract real NY style pizza considering how close we are.

  • Radius was the best pizza delivery in DC WHEN they opened. Vace is way too dry. You can tell when people say that Radius is soggy, but Vace is perfect. I got a slice from Vace that I had to return once because it was completely crustified and inedible. Vace has real quality control problems and also won’t deliver to us.

    2 Amys is still superior to every pizza place mentioned here. but they don’t deliver to my house, if even at all, I can’t remember. 2 Amys is the best in DC without argument. But it ain’t getting a slice at a window.

    Since Radius opened then Red Rocks and Maroni also opened. but I think DC pizza, particularly from those two places is too small and too expensive. I can get $7 18 in pizzas in Philly, can’t I get a decent $13 18 in pizza in DC?

    Radius has real quality control issues though, that I hope they address, such as too much cheese! My wife called to complain about getting an “Extra cheese” once and they apologized, saying that it was just a slip, we didn’t get anyone else’s pizza.

  • I hate hate HATE when the argument against something in DC is that you can get a better, cheaper – pick your qualifier – product in another city. YOU’RE NOT IN ANOTHER CITY!!!!! This is where you are. You want to pine for the good old days when you could buy some cheap pizza in Philthy, fine, but don’t use it as a reason to put down DC pizza. It’s just dumb and you’re better than that.

    Rant done.

  • The reason pizzas and bagels taste crappy here compared to NYC is the water. NYC water makes better bread. Different chemicals.

  • I bet if you want a big decent tasting pizza that Manny & Olga’s would be the best bet. Moroni’s pizza is more expensive because they use fresh mozzarella and other top notch ingredients. Same for Red Rocks, 2Amys and Pizzeria Paradiso. They are all in the same family of aiming for a more gourmet pizza. Comet PingPong too. For cheap big pizza head to Adams Morgan for some jumbo slice. If you’re drunk it hits the spot anyway…well i have a chip on my shoulder against them because i hated seeing the sidewalks spread w/ last nights jumbo on Saturday morning, but once i actually bought a slice and it wasn’t so bad for $2 and for my $0.02 is closer to NY pizza than anything else in DC. And still way better than Domino’s or Pizza Hut. Vace however stands out – their pizzas are big and pretty cheap. Roasted red pepper and garlic is the best!

  • Radius is fantastc! Maybe not the best pizza in DC but it’s certainly one ofvghr better ones. We like the Cegiva and the Laverda but the other kinds are good too. The staff is helpful and the place is clean.

  • DCer – Vace doesn’t deliver to anywhere.

  • Best delivery pizza is Baffettos on 18th St. Its a bit expensive, but definitely better than any other delivery. Just had it delivered to Mt. P the other night and it arrived hot and tasty. Get the thin crust with spicy red pepper sauce.

  • tried radius last night, one word sums it up… dissapointing. kinda flavorless sauce, not well cooked, giant ass crust. it wasn’t horrible, just not all that good. no rush going back for me. i think it’s time to give red rocks another chance, at least the pizza they make has some good flavor, though it may lack in other ways.

  • Radius is truly horrible. I can’t think of one good thing to say about it. I too, wanted to like it, I live right down the street, but unfortunately it’s not too impressive.

  • radius = terrible…agree, i want to like it but i’ve been disappointed EVERY time
    red rocks = almost there…they are on the right track for what they’re trying (and it’s important to note that they are going for something entirely different than radius). not the absolute best brick oven gourmet style thin crust in town (agree, that’s 2amys) but definitely a good meal. their service needs work…as does their consistency.
    vace = great, but not really my style. on the go, tasty and satisfying but can tend to be dry.
    alberto’s = kick ass! do not get delivery or you will wait 2 hours, but if you are considering jumbo slice on 18th, do yourself a favor and cross the street. their pizza is really tasty and filling.
    baffettos = agree it’s the best delivery available in our hood. standard or gourmet (like bbq chicken, or portabello shroom) these guys are amazing! and their largest pizza doesn’t even fit in my fridge it’s so big. good sammiches too. just found that place a few months back and it’s my go to now.
    duccinis = open late…tasty when up late and impaired. good calzones.

  • Most of the food on Mt. Pleasant street, at least that aimed at yuppies, falls into the same formula: good concept, half-assed execution.


    -Marx Cafe (wonderful atmosphere and friendly service, real neighborhood feel, marred by terrible, carelessly-made food),

    -Heller’s Bakery (great idea, but they use the lowest-quality ingredients. Everything tastes like it’s made with Crisco and box mix, and half of the bread is always burned. Lousy coffee and tea.

    -Dos Gringos – some good ideas, but again, often not well executed. A bit overpriced, too. And the communal spoon sitting in the frothy rinse water is…disgusting.

    -Radius– things on the menu sound good, but they usually have cheap ingredients or just aren’t made well. We had some very uninspired salads and pasta there.

    With a bit more care as to food quality (spicing, consistency, quality of ingredients), these places could all be amazing. Sad.

  • just for the record:

    fuck albertos pizza…

    if they have one more fire that shuts down dj hut i think i will try to find a way to have them run out of the city or run them out myself. careless fuckers.

    someone who loves records and who will never eat albertos “fire burning” pizza again

  • I’m probably off topic, but as a U MD grad, I love Ledo’s pizza, the original one on University Blvd. I’ll go to the greatest thrift store, Value Village and stop by Ledo’s for some pizza.

  • I had a really, *really* bizarre experience at Radius that had nothing really to do with the food as much as the crowd. BUT, I digress. The salad was excellent and cheap! The pizza was not that great. Maybe it was an off night, but I’ve had better pizza from Sbarro’s…just sayin’…

    The best pizza in DC, however, I in this tiny cafe called Italian Pizza Kitchen located north of Van Ness on Connecticut. I’m not sure what their delivery is like since I’ve only eaten it during the day (it’s near where I work), but I’ve NEVER been disappointed. It’s as close to NY pizza you can get here and the ingredients are always fresh. Seriously, it’s divine.

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