Palace Five: Skate Shop and Streetwear Boutique

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Palace Five located at 2216 14th Street just south of Florida is an unbelievably cool shop. And I don’t even skateboard. In 1986 I did have a sweet Kamikaze board but the greatest trick I ever learned was being able to turn. But fear not if you have no skateboarding skills you can still get some pretty fresh gear. And I don’t think it would be posing if you got a nice pair kicks that they offer at the shop. In addition to boards and sneakers, Palace Five also has a nice selection of clothing including t shirts. Palace Five’s designers come from all over including Los Angeles, New York, and London. And of course there are local designers as well. I saw some cool t shirts by local designer, DURKL. Open since July, Palace Five also sponsors many skateboarding events. The most recent one was in South East and was cosponsored by DGK. I was having a bit of trouble accessing their Web site at But when it is up and running you can sign up for their email list and be notified of future events as well as check out near gear coming soon to the store. Check out some more photos after the jump. There is a pretty impressive mural behind the cashier.

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  • Yay! Men’s footwear. I went into Comfort One for the first time this week. The selection is actually pretty good — why do the stores have to look so cheap? 1980s retail much?

  • Finnegan and Roberts Sunshine House in Bethesda, MD, after school 1978.

    Ok, elder DC statesmen, WHO was behind the counter every day after school at the Sunshine House skate shop? come on, you know the answer…

  • their website is actually Also for more info about skateboarding in Washington DC check out

  • Palace5ive is not gonna last at that location, no matter how gentrified that area gets. Unless the owner’s selling drugs, or using that spot as a money laundering scheme, there’s no foot traffic to get that business last.

  • I’ve been skateboarding for 20 years. When I heard that there was a new skateshop opening in the District, I was excited. Unfortunately, I was very let down once I visited. Too few board, too few skate supplies, too many fashion items (including shoes that can’t even be skated it). In essence, this store is more of a boutique than a true skateshop. This place is fine if you are into collecting Nike SB’s or decking yourself out in some person’s perception of skate fashion. But if you want a good selection of boards, skate shoes, trucks, wheels, etc, you will have to look elsewhere. The skate gear that they do sell is hideously overpriced.

    Luckily legit mail order shops like Skatepark of Tampa are readily available thanks to the Internet, so the real skaters seeking quality gear at a reasonable price have options. I would love to be able to support a local shop, but Palace 5 doesn’t deserve any loyalty. I see them going the way of another “skate” fashion boutique, kickballerz in Georgetown, who closed their doors recently.

  • I have to pretty much agree with DC Skate. This place is chock full of Nike SB’s and and a lot of useless other shoes. However the fact that they have shop decks is a great advantage since personally I need to actually see/hold a deck before I buy it. Shop deck isn’t pricey either, pretty comprable with other shops – $45 w/ grip

    I hope since they are still relatively new, that they get the store in better order and cater to the real skateboard community, not the fashion community. Otherwise this place deserves to go out of business.

  • What skater really wears cardigans? Seriously now…

  • Bethesda, Finnegan and Roberts Sunshine House… that was me Rollins.

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