Historically Inspired My Ass

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These are some brand new homes that claim to be historically inspired. But you can see toward the end of the photo just how much they clash with the actual historical homes. Am I wrong. Check out the sign claiming historical inspiration after the jump.

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  • I don’t think they look half bad. I mean, I love the original architecture in this city, but new stuff is going to be built. These fit in with the historical houses well while at the same time having their own style. I’d take this over a crappy renovation with vinyl siding and a hideous third floor addition any day.

  • Sorry, POP.
    I have to agree with Jamie. I drove in front of these raw houses so many times. (some way I like them a lot; they are expensive)

    Compare to the lots of new condo, these are much better in terms of blending within neighborhood.

    As far the ad claims, it says “unconditionally Modern” So they are not lying, They are saying it is Historically inspired, but modern elements get priority.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I actually like the look of the homes. I just don’t think they are historically inspired.

  • Pay close attention to the work “inspired.” It has very wide latitude for interpretation. In my mind, it connotes a only a loose connection.

  • There is a tiny 6-condo building going up in the 3300 block of Georgia (right around from the Lamont Lofts) by the same architect (Eric Colbert.) It will be a very pleasant addition to that tattered block – I’ve seen the architectural drawings/elevations, same design as these Logan ones. And Yay to the pioneering souls who will pay mucho dinero to live right on G Ave without even a flower bed between the swirling crowds and the front windows. I wonder how long they can go without bars there…

  • …frankly I’m gonna agree with PoP, where are the chicken bones, the broken vodka bottles, the used condoms… I DONT SEE A SINGLE AMPUTATED BICYCLE LITTERING THAT CONDO’S LOT!?!?!

    …sorry PoP, but rebuilding in period style brick is costly and energy intensive, I think that short of a ‘Historic Development Ordinance’ these logan station condos are pretty true to style and certainly encourage surrounding area investors to rethink what their corner of the hood is capable of…

  • Hi AngryParakeet – Thanks for the new info on the 3300 block – I didn’t know about the plans! The picture of the upcoming building on GA at Kenyon is a lot less traditionally-inspired. I will believe them both when I see them, though.

  • These condos are much nicer than a huge 100-unit building that could have been built there. What you see might not look exactly like the historic homes in the neighborhood, but it is so much better than it could have been. Imagine a 100 unit building on that block… what was built is so much better. I’m grateful for what it is.

  • Why not design & build a modern building? We live in modern times. Replicating historic architecture always diminishes the authentic historic architecture.

  • Anonymous – I think that is where the term “inspired” comes in. The buildngs have a modern look, but in order to not stick out like a sore thumb, must at least make a nod to what exists there.

    Generally speaking I think DC does a decent job of this, though alot of the condos going up seem to all look the same. Probably a symptom of all being designed at the same time.

  • Hello all,

    Actually a 12 unit condo building, all brick, 4x2brs, 8x1brs, 6 p-spaces, giant 7’x9′ picture windows across the front – we want to be good neighbors so let us know what we can do better.

    Linde Development

  • Yeah, I’d have to say ‘historically inspired’ is fairly accurate by the standards of real estate puff-hype. I think they did a good job, which is all that counts whether it’s faux/semi-historical or modernist. I like them, wonder if anyone’s buying them yet?

  • Um…Linde Dev….Where is this building you are referring to…? Doesn’t sound like the LoganStation condos….?? Are you talking about one of the Georgia Ave. spots?

  • PoP, my wife and I are in complete agreement with you here. They may have, kind of, slightly, been inspired by some type of rowhouse architecture, but “historically inspired” would be pretty low on my list of adjectives for this structure. The building itself isn’t bad–rather bland and mundane, but otherwise inoffensive. But there are two aspects of it that completely cheapen it for me:

    -The “Logan Station” sign on the front of the building, which makes it look more like a supermarket than a condo building
    -The white railings in the back of the structure that make it appear as if the structure was supported by toothpicks.

    The thing is, the developer of this property–Bogdan Builders–should know better. They did the renovation of the rowhouses on the northeast side of 13th St. and R. Granted, the shells for those structures were intact when Bogdan got a hold of them, but they turned out absolutely gorgeous. Having been involved with that project, how they could then turn around and put up something like Logan Station is mystifying.

  • I used to live at 14th and R before those condos were built. People would sneak into my yard to fuck, due drugs and pee. As much a gentrification sucks Logan Station is a total upgrade over the vacant lot were i tracked down my stolen grill.

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