Greatest Name For A Restaurant

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I can’t remember if I’ve posted this photo before but it is so fresh that I think it’s ok even if I have. A number of readers have suggested that I eat here, highly praising the food. Fish n the Hood is of course located on Georgia Ave not too far from Otis.  I haven’t had the opportunity to eat there yet but every time I walk by this sign it puts a huge smile on my face. Is the food as good as the sign?

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  • Yes it’s that good, and they offer a variety of choices for prep: i.e. not just fried, you can get your fish broiled or you can take it home fresh to prepare it yourself.

  • Really? And is the fish really fresh and how are the selection and prices? A _fresh_ fish store in the neighborhood.. now THAT would be awesome!

  • I went there with my husband about a year ago thinking it was a fresh fish market, with the option of having it cooked there. In fact, they fried our fish even though we ordered it fresh because they misunderstood us at first. It’s not a true fresh fish market; I haven’t tried it prepared, though.

  • Best fried butterfly shrimp I’ve ever had.

  • Good crab cakes too!

  • i can’t believe you mised the best feature of this place, which of course is that each fish says “OWNED”! when i noticed that i about crashed my car cracking up.

  • I swear by Morgan’s Seafood on Kenyon and Georgia for the best crab cakes ever. And in other news, there’s a new apartment building in going in on the corner across from Morgan’s where the SunRay Market (or something like that) is now — They’re promising 18 luxury rental units.

  • I now see the words “owned” on the sign. Maybe the fish are trying to eat the words, like fish food floating down from the surface. In either case, I don’t get the joke. What significance is “owned.” Am I being dense?

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