From The Files of I Couldn’t Possibly Care Less: Vol. One

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Unless they are French Socialists. I like the French Socialists. Allez Ségolène Royal!

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  • you are an idiot

  • Prince Of Petworth

    maybe, but at least I’m not a socialist.

  • im not a socialist, really dont care.. but this is close minded, like much of the self absorbed politics in the blog. its just not surprising.

  • really like your blog, don’t like your politics- can’t have it all huh?

  • there’s no need to put us down… we socialists, that is… its not like we are a threat to the e$tabli$hed order in this country… i know how against all odds my beliefs are. but i still believe. its a big drain to try and make yourself something you are not.

  • You really are a bit of an ass with this comment.

  • I’d prefer to hear the view of the so-so-ists. It would be AWESOME: A bunch of ambivalent people sitting around a cable-spool table in an alley somewhere…

    “How do you rate Clinton’s campaign strategy?”
    “eh, so-so…”

    “What about McCain?”
    “….y’know……. uh, so-so…”


  • I think PoPs point is that, agree with them or not, the views of the Socialist party in America just aren’t that relevant in today’s political discourse. They are not a “major player” so to speak.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I really do like Royal and Jospin too. But I see this is a sensitive topic so I’ll try and be more sensitive in the future.

  • If all the socialists are on here getting offended, who’s out selling the “Stop Bitching and Start a Revolution” tshirts?

  • the “stop bitching” folks are from Zendik Farm Tribe — If memory serves, an eco-anarchist commune run by Wulf Zendik (RIP?) and his wife (also RIP?) and their various kids & whatnot. I started seeing ’em back in town in the ’80s. Zendik Farm Tribe Band did some decent tunes, and their self-published zine was actually pretty intelligent.

    Have no idea what kind of shape they’re in these days.

    In other words, they ain’t be socialists neither. At least not officially.

  • i’m not sure what the problem is with socialists. milwaukee had a socialist mayor for many years, and the legacy is a solid infrastructure, a great park system, and (until recently) an extremely clean government. plus some of the changes we desperately need in this country–such as health care reform–have been blocked by insurance companies and government on the guise of being “socialist”…if socialism means prioritizing people over profits, i’m all for it!!!!

  • Im with anonymous… How much money does one need, anyway? There is enough in this country to meet the money jones of every Gordon Gekko type more than a few times over…..

  • As leftists go I’m pretty far out on the branch, with a few notable exceptions; however I personally think that the socialism as a party is a self-sabotaging organization. I value many of their tennets and would be delighted if even half of them were implemented effectively in my neighborhood, district, home state, let alone my nation. However, socialism on a grand scale requires an innitial sacrifice of wealth, commodities, and education that even the most staunchly liberal big wig would be hesitant to give up. I’m not sure why that is but if I had to guess it would be ‘true equality’. True equality to norway, sweden, switzerland, denmark, or any other developed country with socialist leanings requires a largely homogenous group of people within the socio-economic scale to get along for the common good. Whereas, Russia, China, the USA, and several other less populous but economically stratified states to strip the luxuries of the bourgeoisie in favor of equalizing quality of life while utilizing a largely *unskilled* populous to create the infrastructure necesarry for such a task… In summary: capatilism blows, communism blows, socialism fails, we’re all doomed, but we’re all still free to dance badly and drink too much.

  • and, ditto… viva sososism

  • I was just on U Street yesterday afternoon and saw the poster, covered over in clear tape. I guess so that no one could deface it. But I can’t believe the strong reaction that appears in favor of socialism. I thought with the resounding collapse of the Soviet Union, that no one favored this anymore. And what was it about “I couldn’t care less” that generated such a strong reaction? C’était pas gentille de tout.

  • We could have successful socialism in this country… after filling all the streets with the blood of the rich. It’s an idea that just doesn’t apply well once you take it from theory to reality.

  • Boy, the socialists are a thin-skinned bunch!

    Apparently they don’t realise this is PoP’s blog and he has every right to express his opinion just as everyone has a choice whether or not to read it. This is America and, like it or not, just about everyone here has it better than most other places in the world. Even socialists benefit from capitalism in this country and I’m pretty sure not one of them will ever admit it.

    PoP has nothing to apologise for. Do your thang, bro. See you at happy hour!

  • Ed:
    Some would say that the blood of the poor has been spilled under other systems.

  • anonymous is right when he or she says the “blood of the poor has been spilled under other systems.”

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