Friday Question of the Day: You Think The Jefferson Memorial is Fresh…

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What is your favorite monument in DC? This is a monument for Marconi who lived from 1874-1937. You can find this monument off 16th Street and Park Road. I don’t know who Marcon is. I don’t know what he did. What I do know, is that he has the sweetest monument in our nation’s capitol. So what is your favorite monument in our nation’s capitol?

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  • Hey POP– This is a monument to Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of the radiotelegraph! The “i” is kind of hard to read…

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Ah that makes more sense! Thanks. I feel a bit foolish now. But, I still think it is the greatest memorial…

  • There are so many cool, unexpected memorials and monuments here. Have you seen the Titanic memorial? The Einstein memorial? The Archimedes memorial? John Paul Jones? George Mason? WWI?

    There are regular Ranger tours of some of the odd monuments around the mall.

  • I like of like my statue just off Mass Ave, near DuPont.

  • I have often wondered what that monument is but have never gotten off the bus to find out. Glad you were more motivated, PoP — thanks!

  • My favorites..

    1) FDR memorial. When they first opened it, they let you walk in the water, as the artist obviously intended. Then the park service got snotty about it. But no matter I love this awesome structure, it’s a trip.

    2) DC World War I memorial – awesome little dome hidden away on the mall near Constitution & 15th. Very secluded, rarely visited.

    3) Mahatma Gandhi memorial

    4) Albert Einstein Memorial

    Least favorite:

    World War II memorial. Gawd that thing sucks. And it’s boring. Maybe it’s just because I remember what the mall and reflecting pool looked like before it was there.

  • there are so many memorials around, but i really like the fdr memorial and nothing is as haunting as the korean war memorial at night….i know, these aren’t the smaller, lesser-known memorials, but i still think they’re great

  • as a proud lutheran i’m a big fan of the Martin Luther Statue on Massachusetts Ave. & 14th

  • FDR. I’ve used it as a place to bring friends and family from out of town, as a place of quiet reflection on my own personal joys and pain, as a study location when I was in law school, and best of all, a place to propose to my now wife.

    I’m politically biased towards FDR so maybe that has something to do with it, but I just love that memorial.

  • There’s a Massive Attack track (Five Man Army off the freakin’ legendary Blue Lines album) that goes, “It was started by Marconi persued by Sony…”

    I always liked that line…

    There’s a cool statue/monument to Belgrano at some Argentinian cultural center on Connecticut and Florida.

    I really like the Police Memorial at Judiciary Square – those lions are wicked.

  • Kahlil Gibran on Mass Ave, just south of the Naval Observatory. Nothing breathtaking but fitting of the man it honors.

  • Favorite: Marine Corps Memorial

    Least Favorite: new Air Force Memorial / War of the Worlds remake. Man does that thing make me mad.

    ok, so they’re both in Arlington, but I’m stickin’ to my guns.

  • TheNeighbor

    FDR, without a doubt.

  • Pop, yikes.. you like gold eh?

  • Tomas Masaryk Memorial, Florida Ave and R street. The great founder and president of Czechoslovakia. Maybe i’m just biased because my family founded Masaryktown, Florida (now famous for chicken farming!)

  • I’m a big fan of the Grant Memorial at the base of the capitol, because the actual depiction of Grant is so dark and brooding. Seems like you can barely see his face. I always liked Taras Shevchenko, Bard of the Ukraine, in the plaza across from Brickskeller. Also the DC WWI memorial, whose classical columns have already eased into a kind of genteel ruin.

    I never quite liked the Law Enforcement Memorial. Sure the police get to be lions, but doesn’t that make us the … mewling kittens? And the Boy Scout Memorial, down by the Ellipse, is quite hilarious.

  • Prince Of Petworth

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  • In general, I prefer the traditional vertical memorials and statues like the Marconi one to the modern sprawling horizontal style, which I guess started with the Vietnam Memorial. To me there’s something powerful when things are left unsaid, just a single figure on a plinth, in the same fashion as memorial sculpture since antiquity. Temple-style is also good: Lincoln, Jefferson, WWI.
    The horizontal memorials usually spell everything out, with lots of exposition, text, lists of names, or a series of “rooms” like the FDR memorial. They also take up a heck of a lot more real estate on or near the Mall.
    Favorite in the whole city is probably the First Division Memorial near the Eisenhower/OEOB.

  • I like the Eugene Debs one on Mass Ave just because they have one to a socialist leader. I think the most moving is Vietnam which I wish they would leave alone and left it just with the black granite. Navy is pretty cool also.

    Least favorite has to the WWII right thing to memorialize but wrong place and certainly wrong design since is looks very Nazi and the pillars for each state have nothing to do with Europe or Pacific just poorly thought out or done by committtee.

  • My favorite is the marker commemorating the Battle of Fort Stevens in 1864 where Confederate forces led by Gen. Jubal Early tried unsuccessfully to take the Capitol from the north. It is also where President Lincoln became the first (or second depending on which website you look at) to come under enemy fire while serving in office. The fort is at Quackenbos Street and 13th Street where it sorta turns into Piney Branch Road south of Walter Reed.

    Of course I like it because I live practically next door to it on Fort Stevens Drive. That’s in Brightwood, y’all. (Thinking of changing my sig to “Baron of Brightwood” and starting my own blog…or not.)

  • I vote for Joan of Arc in Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park or Einstein (had a trippy experience there in college)

  • Interesting note about the Battle of Fort Stevens: Lincoln was told by a young captain to “get down, you fool!” during the battle since he was standing on the parapet and, with that honking great stovepipe hat, probably made a great target for Johnny Reb’s squirrel guns.

    The young captain’s name? Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

    My favorite monument is the Korean War Memorial since my father served in the USMC in Korea. Or, as he said, “Mr. Truman asked me to come back to the Corps for a while.” That was about all he said about Korea, and if you read what happened to the Marines there, it’s not surprising. The forgotten war.

    Lil’ Gal likes the FDR like Dire Wolf… probably because they are both smarty-pants lawyers. Feh.

  • Oden – many people claim to have told Lincoln to “Get down.” Someone said it. Nobody knows who said it for sure.

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