Do You Notice A Lot More Skate Boarders Around Town?

IMG_6368, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This kid was phenomenal. He kept doing this trick where he flipped his board and twisted it around like 720 degrees and landed perfectly back on it only moving a few feet. It was amazing. Unfortunately my photography skills are far inferior to his skateboarding skills and I was unable to capture him mid air, even though I asked him to do it like 12 times. Dang, if he didn’t land it perfectly all 12 times. Anyway, I’ve noticed tons of skateboarders around town. I know people here feel strongly about bike riders and sharing the sidewalk so what are your thoughts on the skateboarders?

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  • since this past spring the skateboarder population has exploded.
    i’m a fan of skateboarding.

  • I too have noticed the increasing numbers of skateboarders around town. I think it’s great to see so many young black males enjoying what I always thought was a white male activity. I just wish they wouldn’t skate in the middle of the street, I’m frightened they are going to get hit or cause an accident. I saw about three kids on New Hampshire Avenue the other day!

  • SouthwestDC

    Funny you should mention that. I hardly ever see skateboarders, but yesterday I was walking around Penn Quarter and there was a gang of boys on skateboards rolling by. Unlike the previous commenter, I’ve never seen a black kid doing it.

  • Skateboarding in the hood is great, but my problem is when they start doing 50-50 grinds on marble (like the plaza in front of National Theater) and their trucks gouge chunks and chips that need expensive repairs. Big signs saying “No Skateboards” but that’s about as effective as telling kids that masturbating will make you go blind. The Park Police sometimes confiscate the boards, but mommy and daddy buy them a new one and they’re back within a few days.

    You gotta feel sorry for the skate betties, though. They have to watch them try the same trick over and over and over again.

  • One reason there are more on 14th st is the opening of the Palace 5 skate shop on 14th (right before Florida, if you’re going North), its a pretty awesome shop

  • skaters and bikers also favor the bricked sidewalk on 19th one block south of dupont circle. they roll down the stairs and then try to bounce off the brick wall. at least they don’t do it until after the businesses are closed.

  • Skateboard wars…back to the eighties I guess. The real story is that our January weather is so awesome that it allows for skateboarders and skateboard photographers. Sixty degrees today!

  • skating is not a crime!

    to all who are surprised by black people skating, this must be your first time living in a city?

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