Alright, Maybe I’m Becoming A Little Obsessed With These Signs…

IMG_6652, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

But you have to admit this is a pretty good one.

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  • I just walked past that house with my dog this morning, it caught my attention and made me smile. I had just finished picking up after my dog’s morning activities and I gotta say, I’m stunned by how many people don’t pick up after their dogs. Not only is it the sanitary thing to do, but isn’t the neighborly thing to do too? Come on people!

  • Haha.. I know that house. It has a huge collection of cute (read: tacky) lawn ornaments.. none of them racist (ref: your lawn jockey entry) or offending, I believe, other than to some dwarfs perhaps..

    Which reminds me of when I was living in Belgium for a bit, and lawn dwarfs/elfs started disappearing all over the country. They were later found in a forest holding “Garden Elf Liberation Front” signs….

  • That’s the same kind of sign I tried to post a photo of in the first entry in this series but I guess the spam-bot decided to ignore me.

    Oh well…

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