Review of M.I.A. at 9:30 Club

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I’m afraid I have to report that the much hyped sold out M.I.A. show at the 9:30 club last Thursday was a serious disappointment. Her new album is absolutely fantastic. But I can tell you that the opening act, Cool Kids, were far superior to M.I.A. Cool Kids were set up just like Run DMC with two rappers and a DJ on the turn tables in the back. They sang a song called We are the Black Beastie Boys (or something like that) that was unbelievable. They rapped over old school Beastie Boys songs spun by the DJ. There was a real electricity. But M.I.A. seemed like a parody of herself. There was a huge screen in the background which was rather distracting rather than inspiring. Now, I’ve been to some ferocious 9:30 club shows where the artist feeds off the energy of the audience. I’m thinking of some Drive By Truckers, Thievery Corporation and Wilco shows I went to at 9:30. Do you know what tips you off to a good show? It is when not only is the floor dancing and singing like crazy but also when those on the balcony are equally as enthusiastic. I can tell you at the M.I.A. show there was a very tepid response from the balcony (I was on the floor looking up at those up top). There were a few enthusiastic souls but for the most part those up top seemed to be politely listening. And that my friends does not make for a ferocious concert. So in sum, M.I.A. on an ipod or stereo is fantastic but no need to spend 100 bucks on craigs list to go to a show. Additionally, if you like the Beastie Boys go out immediately and purchase a Cool Kids album!

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  • That show was sooo much fun. yr outta yr mind.

  • i hate her clothes.

  • MIA’s music is fun, but I have little respect for her as an artist. She essentially copies Brazilian baile funk artists’ music and sells it in the US and UK. “Bucky Done Gone” was pretty much just lifted from a song called “Injecao” by Deise Tigrona (I doubt she was given a cut of the sales from Arular).
    P.O.P., if you like MIA, I recommend checking out the real thing from groups like: Deise Tigrona, Mister Catra, Bonde do Tigrao, Tati Quebra Barraco.

  • you are crazy. that show was the so fun and the crowd was loving her. did you hear the whole crowd going “ya ya yayyyyyyy” to come back and do an encore? now the baltimore show sucked. but thats because baltimore sucks.

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