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So explain to me a scenario where it is ok to brick over windows? Would it be that much more expensive to have windows? Is this an energy thing?

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  • I bought a renovated rowhouse and instead of a window over the tub/shower, requiring plastic curtains, the window was bricked over and I have a big tiled walk-in shower – a nice upgrade in my opinion. The windows in the picture are smaller so they probably were bathrm windows. BUT, better would have been textured colored glass blocks both here and in my house. (In fact the second bath in my house has the glass blocks replacing a very small window and it looks great.)

  • I just assumed with the close matching of those bricks that those were never windows. But were always bricked over but provided a stylistic element to help the rhythm of the turret.

    Also, we should all have Japanese soaking tubs and forget shower stalls completely. Just a thought.

  • TheNeighbor

    I learned last month that they are building new buildings with the “bricked over window” look…..WTF?

  • to make them zombie-proof, of course

  • These windows were meant to be bricked in. The one main thing homeowner and developers do is forget the main rule in Terrace Home construction (aka Victorian Rowhouse) is that there is a symmetry to it. This house is in perfect harmony. And one should NEVER use galss block on street facing sides of Victorians. That is so awful!

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