From a Movie Set?

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I stumbled upon 12th Place, NW which is one of those hidden little blocks around town. I felt like it could’ve been on a movie set. I’m aware there were no porches but it had a really nice, peaceful feel to it. Do you know of any hidden streets like this?

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  • Looks like a block from The Wire, only the cars aren’t burned out and the houses aren’t shells.

  • One of my favorite, quiet streets: Decatur Place NW, between Mass and the Spanish Steps.,+washington,+dc&sll=38.913,-77.049876&sspn=0.004241,0.006834&ie=UTF8&ll=38.91386,-77.049694&spn=0.008482,0.013669&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=1

    I also love that block of 12th street. I like the crazy painted wall on the house at the south corner.

  • Yeah, has that Baltimore style of the houses opening directly onto the sidewalk, no porches or “yards.”

  • SouthwestDC

    At first glance I thought this was MY street, which looks very similar and visitors have also made the comparison to a movie set or stage setting for a play. The lack of porches does suck but I love the colors and it certainly has a peaceful feel. Well, except when there’s gunshots.

  • Aren’t most of the houses on that street part of a historic preservation?

  • TheNeighbor

    I like Corcoran between 17th NW and New Hampshire. That is one of my favorites.

  • I agree Corcoran St is great. There are a bunch of short one-block streets in Shaw that are really nice: French St NW off 11th and Warner St NW off New Jersey. I also like Caroline St south of U.

  • i really like cecil place and volta place in georgetown, and parker street in NE DC.
    they are all rather similar..

  • Hall Place in Glover Park is straight out of some small town movie set. It’s a little hook of a street just off W at Wisconsin. I walked up it once and thought I’d stepped into the Truman Show or something.

  • I use to live on this block back in 1998. And it was NOT this pretty! Most of the homes were not painted in bright colors and folks use to hang out on sofas placed in front of the homes. I’m glad this block changed (for the better) because I always liked the (potential) quaintness of it.

  • Man, I used to live on Corcoran between 17th and New Hampshire. Without a doubt, one of my favorite streets in DC. Except for the late-night queen fights, it was a great place to live.

    Although, it has apparently gone downhill since I moved. Now people trade sex for crack in the alleyway behind my old apartment.

  • I have a friend who lives on this block. It’s very cute, definitely very Baltimore.

  • I recently discovered Reed-Cooke. Around Kalorama and 16th St NW. Two blocks of David Dunigan rowhouses, beautifully cared for and painted. This is right around the new Harris-Teeter in Adams-Morgan (former bowling alley).

  • This would be so much prettier if cars weren’t in the picture. I feel like they are the ugliest part of an urban landscape.

    How many times have people on here tried to take a picture of a beautiful building only to not be able to shoot around some ugly vehicle?

  • the first comment nailed it – these blocks with no trees and houses right up on the sidewalk are the scourge of baltimore; just looking at that picture makes me think “drive by shooting”

  • The 1300 block of Parkwood Place is very nice.

  • “How many times have people on here tried to take a picture of a beautiful building only to not be able to shoot around some ugly vehicle?”

    Agree 100%!! Especially the large/tall vehicles that literally block out the landscape. One look at my Flickr photostream confirms it.

    Another great, quaint, “European” looking street is Swann Street, the part that looks almost Dutch…

  • Swann Street between 14th Street and 16th Street, while not “hidden”, has to be one of the most beautiful streets in DC. The houses are all recently redone and it’s definately got the “quaint” factor going for it. See it in the fall when the canopy of golden hued leaves are at their height or in the winter right after a fresh snowfall. Amazing!

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