Asking For Trouble

IMG_6224, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

At least one of these doors has a little wood barrier because that’ll keep your dog from falling a few stories. Do you think there were originally supposed to be some decks out there? I’m fairly certain that I would kill myself if I had a door that opened to nowhere. Is this common?

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  • there’s one of those in my neighborhood too. i think that they used to be windows, but they’re SOooooo expensive to purchase and install nowadays, some folks just opt for a home depot door that fits right in.

  • LMAO! that is just embarrassing. It looks like there used to be some railing there.

  • have you been prowling through alleys?

    I would like to see an “alley of the day/week” because there are some intriguing things back there

  • TheNeighbor

    I think they both had, at one time, a iron railing. That would make them the old traditional “Screaming balcony”. As in mom screaming “Son…get yer ass home for dinner” out of the doorway.

    With out the railings I think they might just be screaming scary doorways!

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