Am I Losing my Mind or Did There Used to be Benches Here

IMG_6138, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is outside the new PN Hoffman building at 14th and V. This is what it looked like a couple of months ago. So why do you think they took the benches away?

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  • looks like you’re losing your mind. these are two different buildings. look at the bricks in the sidewalk in the older picture. those aren’t here either. i’m sure they didn’t just rip those up and walk off with them.

  • actually youre not losing your mind… the benches had become a hangout place for the homeless… i live there and im glad they removed them

  • You’re not losing your mind. The older picture was taken about 25 yards north of the newer picture. The benches are gone. I’m guessing there wasn’t an armrest in the middle of the bench to keep people from getting too comfortable.

  • I was told by the developer that the benches will return at some point; probably when the neighborhood can handle amenities like public benches meant for a bit of sitting, as opposed to what they had become during their brief tenure…living room furniture for vagrants.

  • Can’t vouch for whether or not you’re losing your mind, but there definitely were benches there before.

  • Now where will I sleep after Lil’ Gal throws me roughly out of the Cadillac?


  • I don’t think I ever saw anyone on the benches. Not sure the residents would use them anyway. Why would they? If they’re just for the general public then who cares who sits there?

    Maybe when some of the businesses start to open up,they’ll be reinstalled and used. Maybe the next time I’m on a 45 minute wait list for Marvin (not worth waiting) or Busboys (worth waiting), I can sneak outside for a break and sit down. I guess…..?

  • Maybe because it’s winter. A lot of places take in their outdoor furniture when it gets cold.

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