Umm, I Vote Bookstore

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I’ve never, ever, seen a sign like this before. This is in 14th St. Heights. Who put the sign up?

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  • Personally, I’m hoping for a bank. Because there aren’t enough bank branches around the city already. Right.
    But such an interesting variety of choices. I’m thinking The Gap needs some 14th St Heights representation.

  • I vote bookstore/ice cream parlor. Best of both worlds.

  • High quality beer store (with cured meats too!)!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • High quality beer store (with cured meats too)!!!!!!

  • that sign has been there for quite some time now…

  • Who put the sign up? How about… the guy trying to rent the place!!

    Anyway, a bookstore is a quaint idea. But I seriously doubt the neighborhood could support one. They seem to be closing in droves even in the wealthy part of town.

  • BOOKSTORE!!!!!!!!!

  • I live a hop away from that storefront and my girlriend and I have comtemplated the bookstore/snack bar idea but, as Jamie mentioned, we doubted there would be enough neighborhood support. Indeed, small booksellers are going the way of the dinosaurs, as evidenced by the demise of Kulturas in Dupont, Atticus on U Street, JustUs in Adams Morgan and many more all over the city. In my observation it appears that no one buys books anymore, they just go to Borders, etc., and lounge around reading magazines, occasionally buying books as gifts that end up in Idle Time or Second Story

  • Part paintball course/ part videogame parlor (with comics stand).

  • A good beer/wine store would be awesome. I live 3 blocks away and am so very excited about the new dry cleaners (Lapels ) and the fact that Mocha Hut is reopening in about 2 weeks. A small hardware store would be great – or a newstand like the one in Dupont.

  • A creative and thoughtful realtor! I love the sign!

  • i would actually like to see a brothel move in. but maybe that’s just me.

  • None of the above unless it is accomodating to both longtime working class residents and high end tastes.

  • Anyone know what has come of this spot? Anything at all? And what’s the address?

  • Bookstore….

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