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If you are going to get bars on your first floor windows, you can go with a bit of flavor. I think these look pretty good. What do you think?

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  • I think if you need bars on your window to feel safe, you shouldnt live there….

  • “I think if you need bars on your window to feel safe, you shouldnt live there….”

    That’s a pretty ignorant comment. Burglaries are a real problem in Logan Circle, Shaw and elsewhere–it’s not simply a manner of “feeling” safe, it’s a matter of legitimately *being* safe(r). I’m fine with anything that makes our home a little less attractive for a potential burglar. I know there are a number of store owners in the area who feel the same way.

    As to these particular bars, I agree–they’re better than your average bars. I don’t mind them at all.

  • Security bars freak me out. I don’t want to be stuck inside my house without a way out in an emergency.

  • Those are great. I have to put some bars on my new place in the next week or so — does anyone happen to know where the owner bought these?

  • Personally I agree with northpet. I am sure you can find houses in the area with out bars or broken windows… are all these people just fooling themselves… it has to do with their perceived “comfort”. Just like how late you can walk at night.

    Stores on the other hand are a different argument…. they are being left unattended for long periods of time and high volumes of merchandise, unlike a house which has a lot of random stuff and people coming and going at random times. Not to mention that stores may be legally required to for insurance purposes…due diligence and all.

    I bet that house has a quickset lock too …. the easiest lock to pick but hey its cheap.

  • I can understand the concern about being able to get out in an emergency, but regarding safety from break-ins, I think some folks here are pretty flip about it. I’ve known plenty of people in DC who’ve had their houses broken into, some while they were sleeping upstairs, and as a woman living alone (and moving into a house that was vacant for awhile, resutling in many broken windows and sleepovers by homeless persons), I’m not going to wait to find out that hard way that maybe a little extra security isn’t a some kind of hysterical overreaction.

  • Love ’em. And Bonnie – security bars can be set up with a quick release; they’re meant to keep intruders out but not the homeowner in, otherwise I think it violates fire code.

  • I say bars are often just a “comfort” thing because often areas of security are often overlooked in high-crime areas. People who want to commit crimes will. And there a number of other measures people can take but they don’t. Why? because they feel the bars on their windows keep them safe because they are plainly visible and nothing further is needed. The question is: If you don’t like bars, if you do it is a mute point, in general have you considered/researched the many other ways you can secure your home?

    Oh yeah… they make bars with safety latches which are triggered from the other side for fires… that is an insurance liability if you don’t have it but it provides another security weakness. Are all your locks/latches (including ones for bars) unreachable if someone breaks your glass?

    BTW. No one said it was a hysterical overreaction just that they are ugly and may not provide the perceived security they portray.

  • I had a neighbor who had the bars on her doors…front and back…she needed a key to get in and out. I think in a fire she’s a gonner.

  • I wanted to weigh-in on the bars comments…I am in transition having just sold my ground-floor condo in Eckington while waiting for closing in Petworth on a fixer upper. During my time in Eckington (Near 2nd/RI Ave NW)..I was robbed three times, twice in the home. The latest, just several months ago, was when someone actually popped the bars out of the brick during the Sunday afternoon of a home showing! I was shocked and dismayed..(the first time was when I didn’t have bars/alrm and the 2nd was a car break-in). needless to say–I have been rattled about it every since–the safety thing that is. If you check out ‘Scott’s List’ (for bloomingdale/eckington/ledroit park) will list after listing of crime’s astonishing. I hope that I don’t have to put bars on my front windows when I move to Petworth in the next week or two…but I have learned my lesson and will secure home/valuables much better than before and will make sure that I do all I can in terms of security. I vowed to never live behind bars on the first floor, but you can bet anything that the back door/lower/back levels will be totally shielded!

    As far as safety goes..yes, you can have latches on them to get out/etc..but alas…burglars determined to get into a home are going to find a way..the more barriers you can build between you and they will only keep you safer… So signs, bars, alarms, solid locks and a really good neighborhood watch and/or nosey neighbors can make all the difference. I only hope that my new neighborhood in Petworth is NOTHING like my old neighborhood in Eckington!

  • I like those specific ones, but I hate bars on windows. My house when I bought it had some on the front window (with NO LATCH OR KEY, god forbid if there had been a fire!) and then on all the ground level windows. I removed the front window one and left the others (they are built into the brick and down so low they are somewhat unnoticeable), but I see other houses with them and think, ugh, who wants to live in a prison?

    On a related note, have you noticed the bars on the houses in Dupont/Logan Circle? Some of them are really intricate.

  • More intricate ones on the Casa Vicens in Barcelona

  • Heather, I’ve seen even cooler ones. If you’re not in a hurry shop around. As I recall I saw some around O and 11th.

  • they make the house look cross-eyed.

  • You don’t need a latch on bars where there is a door in the same room (i.e. the front door).

  • There’s a guy who does artistic custom bars in the alley across from the Police Substation on Park St. (Police recommended them to me). I’ve also been broken into twice and now have bars on every window door and an alarm. You should do this the moment you move. People are casing your house and will strike as soon as you move assuming that you don’t have any alarm system yet and haven’t thought about security.

    Make sure the bars are installed correctly (into the brick 3-4 inches AND one way screws in to the window frame) if not, they are VERY easy to rip out of the brick (happened to me) and you might as well not have bars at all. Bars plus security system means the burglar will move to an easier target.

    One thing I haven’t determined is whether or not to put bars on my skylights. I hate the thought of it, but burglars have been breaking into skylights….. It sucks, but it’s better to be able to sleep at night in peace and leave your house during the day.

    Great guy for bars is Ed Wood or Woody’s Welding and Iron Works (202) 543-8009. This guy is great.

    Oh, and you must put a key to the bars on the baseboard or somewhere close to the door inside for emergencies. I had an escape hatch put into an upstairs bedroom in case of fire.

  • Style and security. Very nice.

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