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  • Two small issues with these houses:

    1. Where’ the porch? These houses look naked w/o them & where will the occupants congregate to be part of the community? Other’s porches?

    2. Love the ugly-ass electrical boxes right on the front of the house. Not only do they signal there will be two apartments in each house, the gray clashes with the cream.

  • i’m going to agree here. the electrical boxes are quite ugly (that’s one of the toughest things to hide on houses in DC it seems) and the missing porches are a shame. it’s the front porches that makes a lot of these houses so cool.

  • Whoa – I concur on those electrical boxes. I hadn’t really noticed them at first glance (it was a very quick glance) but now that’s all I can see!

    Did those houses even have porches before? Based on where the concrete steps are, it kind of looks like they were always naked.

  • Don’t fear the electric boxes until after the landscaping has been done. It can be rectified.

  • It seems that when houses get condo-fied, 90 percent of the time the porch is taken off. I guess it is so that the basement gets more light, but I think it usually looks wrong.

    I am pretty sure these had porches to begin with…I used to walk by them all the time and remember when they started construction. If you look at a larger shot of that image, you can sort of see where the porchline was on the brick. They looked just like the other houses on the street with porches.

  • So, again we see the difference between generic rehabs and jobs done because you love the house and see yourself living in it for years to come.

  • TheNeighbor

    Looks to me like the porches are still there, it’s just that the roof/top is missing. I looked at the original size and it sure looked like the concrete lined up with the neighbors. Am I wrong?

  • I live around the corner from these places, and have mixed feelings about the single family homes becoming condos. The developer also owns two houses around the corner on Upshur that have been vacant for ages. I do have some hope, regardless of my ambivalence about the condos, that they will sell so they’ll develop the eye sores across the street!

  • doors looked open. why didn’t you go in to take a look?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Slowly, slowly, I have to build the appetite first. That post will come next week!

  • Haha, PoP.
    You’re so strategic about all this. Sneaky.

  • Thanks for the voice of reason David. The right landscaping will hide the electrical boxes easily.

    I do think that a covered porch ads to the property’s taxable square footage, no? (without actually adding to one unit’s real living space) Which I think, is why most condo’s don’t want to add them. I could be totally wrong on that though. One property we looked at on Otis when in the market had a -what we thought was- awkward empty “sky light” type of thing cut out of the front porch’s roof— I guess it was a solution to just that issue. For the record- we loved those particular condos and thought they were designed intelligently. (but they were too spendy)

  • Just shows that you “don’t judge a book by its cover”! The outside of those condos are so blah, but the insides are lovely!

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