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  • He’s got a “twin” named MAGIC that tags stuff as well.

    I can’t believe no one’s caught these clowns yet. They’re defacing all of DC.

  • i know ill be yelled at for this, but i actually like seeing the tags!

    since there has been no more borfing going around im glad to see some new faces emerging. i love finding new incas! and nehi — especially when its spelled knee high.

    alright, let me have it…

  • Sergio!!!-

    Just post your address here, we’ll send all the friendly taggers down to your house/building…..I’m sure they’d be happy to deface your property for as long as you’ll allow.

  • i would. but then it wouldnt be any fun for them!

  • Ya know, I wouldn’t be so completely against graffiti if the “artists” around here actually took some pride in their work. I mean, writing “Nehi” or “Tragic” in a standard graffiti font just lacks all imagination and fails to pass the “art” sniff test.

    And as far as tagging not being any fun if it’s allowed…that’s just sad. If you’re only spray painting to deface the neighborhood, I don’t see how that can be defended. Actually investing time, creative energy, and attempting to create a piece of art is a more noble attempt at expression.

  • i can see where you are coming from and fully respect your position. and maybe when i wake up with “ROSE” all over my face or something ill be more annoyed. im not trying to change your mind just sharing my opinion… finding a tag here and there, on a stop sign or a trashcan, makes my walks a little more interesting. sorry if it upsets you but well have to agree to disagree lazy cake!

  • I’m all for disagreements. I’d be bored to tears with out them.

  • inca & nehi run this town… rob got a few around too but i’ve heard from some local tag heads that he is a cover-up guy so he gets the gasface. i like spotting tags around town and even got my sister into it. she was calling me on a train ride up to nyc saying she saw a nehi up in delaware. so he’s making moves… though i do like creative pieces more than straight throw ups, i have no problem with graffiti and i do agree that it shouldnt be on private property especially homes.

  • “Tags” are criminal. If they can afford spray paint, then they can afford a mural to paint upon. I, for one, am fed up with the permissive mentality associated with the crime and destruction in this city. It seems too many people in D.C. want a hand out: money, food, heating bills, and a place to tear up. Start by taking care of your home. Most of us learned this as children. These idiot “taggers” should be locked up.

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