Taqueria Del Distrito Federal

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Located just a few blocks north of Gloria’s Pupuseria you can find this popular Taqueria at 3463 14th St. If you are looking for authentic you need look no further. Again, even the Coke’s come in those awesome glass bottles and they taste slightly sweeter because they are bottled in Nicaragua. I had a beef tostada which was delicious and I saw other folks eating burritos which looked pretty mean as well. And even better news – they deliver if you are in a 2 mile radius (202-276-7331). Enjoy.

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  • I loooooove this place. The owner is an incredibly nice guy. I crave their burritos. Dang, too bad I already ate dinner this evening …

  • LOVE the fact they will deliver!! Not enough places do in this area.

  • Ahhh, my favorite Mexican place in the metro area, especially now that Pepitos is sliding and for sale.

    The Tortas are outstanding as are the tacos. They seem to always be out of flan though, that’s annoying.

    The owner is super nice, he’s Salvadoran I think but lived in Mexico City with his Mexican wife for many years, so he knows how to do the food well.

    My only complaint is that he took down all the Toluca posters and left up all the hated Club America stuff. The Yankees of Mexican soccer.

    Anyway, if you haven’t been, go and have some tacos, authentic and good.

  • We had dinner there one night and chatted with the owner. Fantastic guy. He told us about his neighbor(where he lives) place, Colorado Kitchen!
    After our meal he gave us free dessert! Yummy.

  • Dirwolf: Cruz Azul! Cruz Azul!

    I need to dig out my CA jersey. Or even better my Glasgae Rangers jersey.

    Speaking of Yankees, I want to encourage PoP not to cry too much tonight after the tribe beat his Bronx Babies.

  • Hey Odentex,
    We actually have something in common on the sports front: I too suport Cruz Azul!

  • i’ve heard such good things about TDF, but without a car i never want to venture to that part of columbia height – past tivoli square things deteroriate pretty quickly – but knowing they deliver is i will certainly order in a fat burrito!

  • Go Tribe! Vamos Los Diablos Rojos.

    The DF Tacos guy has said he plans to open a bigger place somewhere in the area sometime in the future, and that it will be a classy sports bar and eatery where you can go watch soccer games but not have to deal with drunks.

    I’m very much looking forward to this.

  • p.s., never had a burrito there, i’m sure they are okay, but tacos and tortas is where it’s at. tex-mex is for Texans.

  • The area is not that bad. I’ve walked along there at night plenty of times, but there is also a bus stop close by.

  • to each their own – if you consider people urinating on one side of 14th street at 2 in the afternoon – then crossing over to the other side of the street only to find more men people urinating -then fine. i consider that area not someplace i want to be.

  • This place is AWESOME (get the 3 taco plate and some horchata juice)! So awesome, in fact, that you really should venture further than the Tivoli to experience it. I’ve never had any problems with safety on the 3 block walk from the Metro.

    PoP0–thanks for highlighting such a great family-run restaurant.

  • Anonymous.. oh come on.. so you need to drive your car there because of the security hazard of.. err.. a couple of urinating guys? They won’t pee on you, don’t worry. 😉

  • gforgood – you don’t know me and if you did then you would know that i don’t even own a car. and you have no clue as two what drunken men urinating on the street are capable of and neither do i. so if i choose to stay away from that area becuase i’m uncomfortable with it then that’s my choice and you should stop your belittling attitude and respect that.

  • All I know is that urinating guys are likely less capable of doing harm than those that are not urinating. 🙂

    As for the car, I thought you meant that you drive there but would not walk. Sorry for misunderstanding what you meant.

    In general, lighten up a little. I did include a smilie after all. 🙂

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