Red Rocks Outdoor Freezer

IMG_4460, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Again, I like the big piles of wood. I swear I’m not obsessed with pizza. Ok maybe I am a little bit. Have you ever seen an outdoor freezer before?

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  • it is ugly, but not as ugly as that school on Upsur.

  • I hope that this is temporary and that they will be doing more work on the exterior at some point, including finishing their fence. Once they do all that, and stop making soggy pizza crusts, I will love the place.

  • these are actually fairly common, especially in cities (NYC, DC) that tend to have smaller square footage and want to maximize seating.

  • Yeah, I’m guessing this is permanent. Their space seems really small, and I don’t imagine that they have many other options.

  • Check out the outside of the old Wings and Things (currently Simon’s Wok and Grill) on Gerogia and Kennedy. Also the Lido’s on Georgia (and I think) Dalhia.

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