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  • Don’t tase me, bro!

  • I’d sure rather get tased than shot, beat with a pipe, or stuck with a knife!

  • Jamie-
    Think I’ll pass on all four myself.
    But there’s new data the suggests that maybe Tasers aren’t as “non-lethal” as advertised. So in light of that, depeding on the severity of the pipe beating, I guess that looks like the easiest of those options.

  • Don’t get me started on “non-lethal”. There’s no such thing. It’s supposed to be “less than lethal” but even that’s a misnomer.

  • no way–another thing to fear…

  • this shit doesn’t happen on the other side of the bridge…

  • No, they just shoot you with their squirrel gun and tie you to the back of the pickup in Virginia… that is if they don’t get distracted french-kissing their sister.

  • wait, what? how can be serious about saying there is no such thing as “non-lethal” weapons? ever hear of mase? how about rubber bullets? even water? all pretty much non-lethal.

  • Water isn’t “non-leathal” if you are a witch, Pauper.

  • Pauper, Some people have been killed by rubber bullets too — in fact I think a Boston fan was killed when the Sox won the WS and they all went nuts burning things and turning over cars (or maybe it was just a normal evening in Boston). Good thing for them that the Indians are going to stomp them again tomorrow and they won’t have the need to riot in Beantown.

  • Sure, if a rubber bullet hits you in the wrong place you can die. But c’mon how often does that happen?

  • Every 86 years (in Boston).

  • Ba dum dum! It’s like Improv Night up in this joint.

  • Just add it to the long and ongoing string of crimes that perfectly encircles the impotent police command center; the NROC known by police and neighbors as “The Rock” should be be demoted to “The pebble”.

    If you connect the dots of the crime locations on a street map it creates an etch-a-sketch image of a police hat with the building in the center.

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