I Just Wanna Dance

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Actually, I don’t and I hate that quote from the brilliant movie Dazed and Confused but damn it makes for a good title. At any rate, The Dance Institute of DC in Columbia Heights is offering classes to those between the ages of 4-18. That’s pretty cool.

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  • I’m a week late in commenting on this, but we checked into this school for our daughter. It’s a very serious dance school for students who are at least borderline serious about dance, and I think 90% of the students are African-American. It’s wonderful to see this in our neighborhood, but it would have been overwhelming for my kid. From our experience, I can say that the merely curious need not apply.

  • I think they should have “Gotta Dance!” please identify the gene kelly movie…or not. gosh he was awesome.

  • Anon 12:41
    The movie is “Singing In the Rain.” One of my all-time favorites.

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