Have the Squirrels No Decency?

IMG_5624, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Where is the sanctity of Halloween? You can see this innocent pumpkin was violated by some sort of creature, probably a squirrel no doubt. Who’s the 4D Commander again?

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  • They are little furry bastards, every one. They run Petworth like the Dons used to run Little Italy.

  • Back home in the great state of Louisiana we handled squirrels with care. And by care, I mean my dad’s blow gun. See, I feel like this would be legal in dc because its not actually a gun. More of a contraption that shoots darts at things. Things like small animals devouring your lovely pumpkin.

    I also have a great recipe for squirrel stew.

    This is my favorite blog now:)

  • Well, when you put food on your porch for “decoration” it’s still food. Good thing you live in the city where all you have to worry about is squirrels, rats and, depending where you are in proximity to Rock Creek Park, deer.

    Fleas notwithstanding, I think squirrels are pretty cool. I had a store in McLean Gardens once and a squirrel used to come in and take candy off my counter…

  • The same thing happened to our pumpkins, except the !#*#%& squirrels chewed a hole just big enough to climb _into_ the pumpkin, then ate it from the inside. Then it collapsed in on itself. It was all very sad. Pumpkins are obviously a very tasty treat for the rodents.

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