Sushi Bar coming to U St.

Right next to the Mocha Hut on U St between 13th and 14th. Let us collectively pray that it is fantastic sushi. Ready – one, two, three pray!

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  • Not *the* most imaginative name, but, there’s no question in what they’ll be serving.

  • That is so cool. I’m suprised the idea hasn’t come to someone earlier.

  • Pretty sure it’s owned by Sala Thai. Which could be an interesting mini trend: Thai restaurants opening sushi spots, like Thai Chili and Sushi Go Round at Gallery Place.

    Doesn’t make me particularly optimistic about the sushi though…

  • Great! I have at least 5 sushi places on my cell phone, all in different areas I frequent. But none around here. And BTW, many sushi bars are not owned nor staffed by Japaneses; Thais and occasionally Koreans are. And even Salvadoran, known to do everything.

  • Are you sure they’ll be serving sushi? What gave you that idea?
    I think the name of the place may be a little misleading.

  • oh wait, I see now that christina beat me to the joke. sorry.

  • There has been some talk in Japan of an international certification for “true sushi.” In an apparent move to stop Korean Americans from owning sushi restaurants and said restaurants serving things like california rolls. Although if authenticity counts, most Japanese restaurants (even the ones owned by Japanese Americans) around washington would fail — their kitchen staffs and even sushi chefs are very rarely all Japanese.

    My prayer, though, is that its cheap. Sushi can be very nice, but we’ve got enough overpriced sushi place — it can also be late night bar and post-bar food: and U street would be the perfect place for that.

  • Having lived in Japan and being somewhat of a sushi snob, I welcome the idea because things that pass for “sushi” are nothing of the sort. Maybe there should be a diffrentiantion of “sushi” and “Japanese Sushi”.

  • Maybe this place can be the start of a wave of Obviously-Named Restaurants. Temperance Hall can be “Old-Timey Drinks Served Here.” Domku could be “Polish Food and Comfy Couches.” Colorado Kitchen would be renamed “Shut Up and Eat” (I kid because I love, Chef Gillian – please don’t ban me)

  • Ah, but soon there will be Sticky Rice on H St. in NE. Sure, it’s not quite so close by — but if you’ve ever been to the one in Richmond, you should be excited!!

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