Sticky Fingers poppin’

So what’s the verdict on Sticky Fingers bakery? How is the whole vegan thing working? When I walked by last weekend it was absolutely popping. So good stuff?

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  • I bought a cake here for my wife’s birthday. It was okay, but we’d rather have a good old fashion cake, made with eggs and milk.

    That said, I haven’t tried anything else there so I can’t speak for the rest of the offerings.

  • the owners wasted an opportunity to create an authentic environment. instead, the inside is pretty lame and doesn’t feel very permanent. in terms of the food, it is what it is – vegan. if that’s what you’re in to, then it’s good. if it’s not, then why waste your time? simple as that really.

  • they also use margarine in their stuff. No thanks.

  • I hadn’t been there for a few months, and as we all know, a few months in Columbia Heights equals a boatload of change… More families inside (I used to go and drink coffee, read the paper, all that stuff)-so less,ah, quiescence..
    Having said that, I like their products. But since I am becoming increasingly addicted to relative silence, I’ll get my little treats to go.

  • I’m not a vegan, but I like their food. Actually, I prefer their savory things, like their hummus sandwich or some of their other creations, as much as their sweets. I am so happy to see their success. Their old spot in Adams Morgan didn’t seem to do so well, so I am happy to see them in our neighborhood!

  • Someone I talked to told me that their brownies are great, but I’m really skeptical of baked goods that are missing a lot of the good stuff in them, so I haven’t been yet.

  • Everytime I have been in to Sticky Fingers Bakery they have been packed and the food has been amazing. Their baked goods are delicious and even though they use margarine, as one poster noted, they are a 100% non-hydrogenated bakery. Also, sandwich and entree I have tried has been delicious. However, my favorite item is the soft-serve ice cream.

  • I love Sticky Fingers! And I love that I can walk there from my house in Petworth.

  • I wish I could walk past them without buying breakfast AND lunch every day. They are fantastic! (The decor is lacking though.)

  • i tried the cupcakes and the cinnamon rolls….it was ok. nothing like the real thing of course. don’t think i would do their sweets again, but would like to try their sandwiches.

  • I’m partial to their Cowvin Cookies, the oatmeal bars with sweet cream (or whatever) filling.

  • I have to give a thumbs up to this place. I’m pretty sure the Adams Morgan location was doing very well, hence the upgrade (they went from seating for 4 to seating for 25,) but I’m sure they tripled their rent burden.

    The food is great! There is a market for vegan pastries. I don’t think the main emphasis is on keeping the food especially healthy, its to give options to vegans and vegetarians and being the best bakery possible in that capacity. I have to say they are a success by those terms.

  • I think it’s a very nice place, but I am FURIOUS that we have a bakery that doesn’t sell bread. What ingredient in bread offends the vegans? Water, flour, or yeast? I do wish Sticky Fingers would just add some home-made bread to their vegan offerings… Let’s say you want to eat a bowl of soup, imagine how enjoyable it would be to have a small roll or slice of bread with it.

  • The yeast is alive man!!! Think of the little yeasties!! All warm in the dough and then cooked alive. The horror.

  • I personally love the place. I just wish it had longer hours.

  • Sticky Fingers is amazing. I’m a proud meat eater, but I am lactose intolerant, so I love having baked goods available that won’t give me a tummyache. I highly recommend the cinnamon buns–they are delish. Everything I’ve had from there is fantastic though. They were even featured on some Food Network program (I forget the name, but it’s hosted by Paula Deen’s two sons).

  • i want to sit at the tables outside and eat some meat, a good juicy burger, some fried chicken. meaty goodness

  • they do sell bread, by the loaf.

  • I’m a meat eater and so is the beau and I come from good fat Southern cake and pie from scratch baking folks, but we like Sticky Fingers’ cakes and are getting our wedding cake from them.

  • I am not vegan, but I LOVE the lemon coconut cookies. Very very good. The lattes aren’t bad, either.

  • I once went to Jenny’s Cakes in Negril Jamaica. Jenny’s had one brownie offering that was “not on the menu.” I don’t think Sticky Fingers sells that kind of brownies though. Do they?

  • tim: REALLY? if they sell loaves of bread, that is the best news I’ve heard all day! yeah!

  • bogfrog: yeah, you might have to look for it (loaf of bread) or ask at the counter. i think they’re continually working on display models and presentation; so maybe that’s what’s needed, a distinct, visible place for bread. also, i’m not sure they make many loaves. emphasis is definitely on the coffee and treats. it is named sticky fingers!

  • i need to try it out–i am not vegetarian but i like two things about it already: (1) it’s something different/unique and (2) it’s a locally-owned shop, not another chain.

  • cool to see intelegencia beans
    a good micro roaster

    you can find good roaster’s elsewhere but counter culture has basically cornered the market

  • If you’ve never been, I highly highly reccommend the cinnamon buns or cowvin cookies. And if you like real coffee (made by someone who actually knows what they’re doing, and not some generic Starbucks crap) this is a great spot.

    So to the folks who left the negative meat-is-awesome generic comments– why not go TRY something first?

  • tim and others —
    A salesperson confirmed that they do sell bread, on weekends only, in flavors such as whole-grain. The bread is baked at “Lyon” (presumably in the USA)

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