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  • Oh POP, why do you get me so riled up with these observations of yours? Should I really get started on Jews for Jesus? (which, essentially, is the definition of a Christian, yes? A Jew who then believed Jesus was the Messiah? So just call yourself a Christian and be happy). And yes, other POP readers can start yelling at me now. I mean no disrespect, just find the semantics in that to be interesting.
    And yes, i think your analogy is spot on.

  • Democrats for Bush?

    Isn’t that like “Roaches for Raid”?

  • “Democrats for Bush” is also known as “Congress”.


  • LOL Odentex

    …so true.

  • My dog just snatched a live rat off someone’s yard on Rock Creek Church road, shook it and wouldn’t let it go for what felt like 5 minutes. And then he came home and burped. Just my random, disgusting, bizarre observation.

  • Since JfJ is essential an evangelical cult, I think the analogy is very apt.

  • ditto to what everyone said. and i’d like to add there’s no such thing as a jew for jesus. a vegetarian for meat, a pacifist for war, a goth for pastel popped-collar polos . . . all the same idea

  • amen odentex….best comment i’ve seen anywhere today!

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