Bricks, The Duct Tape of the Air Conditioner World?

IMG_4341, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’ve actually always wondered about the usefulness of bricks to support my ac. I’m pretty sure that I just stuck some bricks under and they are actually not even touching and therefore supporting the unit. But there is a real psychological calming effect of putting bricks under the ac. Do AC’s even need any extra support? I was happy to spot someone else who uses the non touching brick method…

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  • I used some awful, tacky gold bookends once to prop up an AC in the window of my old place. Very classy…

  • The unit is supported by cantilevering against the upper sash, the bricks aren’t needed. In fact, they could cause harm, since you might end up with the unit titled towards the house if you prop it up too much. They have to be tilted away from the house to drain properly.

  • PoP: I appriciate you leaving loose bricks on the windowsill for me. It makes bashing in your windows so’s I can steal your BeeGees albums easier.

  • That’s how I secure my Commando 8

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