T Shirts Have Been Ordered

For a sneak peak at the women’s shirts you can click here.

The men’s shirts can be seen here.

And yes the T-shirts are American Apparel. Please don’t complain too much if you don’t like them as I’ve already ordered them…

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    Just kidding, the mens shirt looks awesome. I especially like the way you’v incorporated the DC flag.

    I’d be proud and honored to wear it…if I’m lucky enough to get one.

  • love that frog. the colors work. looking forward to temperance…..man those google ads must be bringing in the dough… 😉

  • Ha! Actually the google ads haven’t brought in that much dough because you actually have to click on them! So I am selecting the top 10 commenters to get free tshirts. At the launch party they’ll be available for sale for $10. There are plenty available for anyone who wants one.

  • How are you picking the top 10? Is it based on volume or substance?


  • It is based on a super secret scientific formula I have devised…

  • Well, either way I’m going to get one. I can’t wait to fly my colors.

  • these f-ing rule. hats off to you, prince!

  • Um, I hope mine doesn’t come with hairy arms like the dude in the picture.

  • It was nice that you have the DC flag graphic.
    The tree graphic is very interesting. I am sure you have some meanings for most of the part of the graphic. A branch shooting out from rest of the tree is interesting and makes it to an art. The slogan

  • Sizes are ladies S,M,L and Men’s are S,M,L,XL

    Thanks for your comments Jason.

  • The “formula” is based on how many compromising photos commenters have of PoP wearing his Xena outfit.

  • You even ordered girrrrl shirts! Thank you thank you thank you thank you.
    When is the shindig at Temperance?

  • Cool shirt. What’s the significance of the tree?

  • It is the tree from Grant Circle. All the credit goes to Emily who was able to get a graphic artist to draw it up.

    The launch party will be mid to late Sept. depending upon when my IT guy finishes the code for princeofpetworth.com. Of course I’ll post the final date when I have it confirmed.

  • P.O.P.
    I meant to say earlier that it looks like the tree at Grant circle, I walk through the circle every workday. Now another reason that I should have the shirt. (I live half a block from Grant Circle).

    Anyone, knows what type of three that is and how old it is. It has pine cone so it might be pine family. I always wondered.

  • POP…The shirts look great! Good Job!

  • can we get them w/your poem on the back?

  • on your secret formula, i hope i am given extra credit for the important donuts intelligence i’ve given PoP…

  • looking good! i’m sure i don’t have what it takes to be a top 10 commenter, but i’ll keep out that little glimmer of hope!

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