Is This Better?

3rd story brick, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Continuing our discussion of rowhouse renovations and additions, allow me to add the above photo to the discussion. This house is gigantic (I know they’ve been working on it forever). Obviously you can see from the photo that the third addition is sold brick. But, personally I still think it sticks out. Definitely much better than some we’ve seen. Why can’t they just add an extension to the back and leave the damn third floor alone? (Ed note: the previous question is rhetorical). Seriously what do you think of the brick addition?

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  • it’s better looking than most, but it still ruins the historical line of the block.

  • Take a look at it from Newton (south), just off NH Ave and look north through the alley. The backside is just cinder block. So it looks even worse from the back.

    But then again, don’t most things look worse from the back? ha.

    and yeah, it took forever for them to finish it. a couple of stop work orders can do that to a project.

  • That one is bad, but the one across the street rivals the one at Upshur for ugliness. Check it out on the other end of the block.khill

  • There are ways to add at least a small third floor room without completely ruining the roof line facing the street. But these big 3rd floor additions do tend to stick out.

  • We live just down the block, and sad to say our reaction in light of some of the other monstrosities nearby is “it could be worse.” According to one of the construction workers it is going to be three 3bdrm bedroom condos, one on each floor. Waiting to see if they put some sort of balconies on the Otis side of the building.

  • It could have been worse. There was a fourth floor for a while, but I think the city made the developers remove it.

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