Care to Speculate 11th St.

So there is a great space available to purchase just north of Wonderland on 11th St. So what do you think it is going for? What type of business would fit in nicely here? How much would you have to sink in to renovate and make it respectable? I really think 11th Street is a phenomenal block. I’d love to be able to put in a book store but damn, how many books would you have to sell to make it profitable?

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  • A bookstore’s not a bad call at all – maybe an Olsson’s? It’s an interesting storefront and I don’t think another bar/restaurant would work there.

  • We looked into buying this spot, if it is what I think it is from the photo. It includes the space that is now El Rinconcito Deportivo and the space right next to it that is unoccupied.

    At first they wanted $450,000 for it, but a week later they raised it to $550,000. This was a month or two ago, so maybe it’s even higher now.

  • Wow. dcdirewolf, what would you have done with the spot if you purchased it? 550k sounds reasonable for that location no? Or is the inside a real mess?

  • We actually had an accepted offer on this place and the one adjacent to it. Our plans were to combine them into one place and open a wine bar, but real authentic Napa Valley wine bar, none of this ultra modern stuff. Unfortunately the owners and/or brokers were way to sketchy for us, so we were not comfortable with the deal and ended up backing away. This was our second attempt to open such an establishment. Our first attempt was on Upshur Street near El Limeno, but once again sellers of commercial property seem to be very unethical. So unfortunate, as we had good intentions as Petworth residents, but unethical sellers might keep a lof of these spaces from reaching their full potential.

  • Holy cow, asti. Damn that is really upsetting. I hope you are still looking in PW/CH. Best of luck and be sure to email me when you find a place.

  • We were looking to open a gourmet chocolate shop (handcrafted on the premises, not a re-seller). We’re now pursuing rental options in the area.

    We too got the slime feeling from the owners/brokers.

    To the wine shop folks: fine chocolate and fine wines go together well, in fact we’ve done some tastings with truffle pairings before. If you’re interested in a joint-venture on space to ease costs, please email me at [email protected]

  • Please, please, please, to the chocolate and wine folks, don’t give up on CH / lower petworth! I for one would practically live at both of your establishments. Too bad the brokers are so shady, as I think those types of places would do amazing in that space (just look at redrocks success). I think there is some interesting space for lease in the PNC building next to Tivoli, and I imagine there might be some reasonably priced commercial spaces open / opening on park between 14th and 15th and on 14th north of Tivoli. If you want to really be ahead of the curve, there are always the various spaces on Sherman Ave. and Georgia Ave. (maybe something near Temperance Hall to build on that crowd and draw in the residents of the forthcoming condos near the metro). And finally, a little futher up 11th is the now-defunct Hope 7 Monroe project. I am not sure if that is going to be revisited, but there is great commercial space currently vacant in that building which, if revitalized, would be the perfect location, right across from CH Coffee and the soon-to-open Warehouse. Please keep us posted on both of your potential ventures.

  • dcdirewolf & asti:
    I love wine and chocolate! Please set up shop in our neighborhood!

    ps — there are two storefronts that should be ready soon on Shepherd just east of Georgia that would be perfect for your joint venture.

  • While you’re at it, could you open up an ice cream shop across from Red Rocks, by the coffee shop?? Please?? 🙂

  • I’d probably open a street wear store and art gallery in there. Perhaps with mens shoes. Clothing, shoes, books, art all presented in a very gallery type way. Like Zakka in New York or Upper Playground in the Lower Haight in SF. More like Zakka in though. Perhaps with a design shop in the back like Zakka. I think with the Wonderland crowd nearby you could get some nice walk by customers if you stayed open in the evenings a little — like Universal Gear on 17th street. Mine would be a little more unique than that. Although they do a good job with merchandising. Not so club wear more street but definitely aimed at guys. If there was the possibility of having two locations, I’d add vinyl records too. You know? As long as we are just dreaming.

  • I was in New York this weekend, walking down the street in Alphabet City, when I came across the most beautiful little spot. It sold three things: coffee, chocolate and wine. My heart skipped a beat. What more does one need in life? I actually stopped and peered in the window for several minutes, a smile on my face. DCDirewolf and Asti, throw in some coffee, and you’ll be my favorite folks ever!!!!! Ok, so how do we find you an affordable place to open such an establishment?

  • Ok, maybe this is a bit unethical, but the site for the shop I just mentioned:

    What I wouldn’t do for a spot like this in our neighborhood!!!!

    Oh, and I guess I was actually down on Clinton Street, for any New Yorkers out there.

  • Comix store and used videogames.

  • This might require a bit of a leap of faith, being on Georgia Ave., but only a few blocks from that location, and once Georgia is redone and the metro development is completed in a few years, this will be a prime spot:

    Large enough for you guys to combine your resources and open a great commercial space, and close to Temperance Hall building so you wouldn’t be the first new business on the block …

  • Check out the corner of Harvard and Georgia for another nice commercial space (in the light-blue building).

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