Another Shout Out to Mayorga

Inside Mayorga, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I briefly mentioned Mayorga coffee located in the Tivoli on Park Rd and 14th St but I don’t think it has received enough attention. This place is ridiculously good. You can kind of see from this picture it has vaulted ceilings on the ground floor. And this place is huge. There is a lounge adjacent to the ordering area with wifi and big flat screen tv. Plus upstairs it has a super cool bar. This place is honestly insane. It looks so modest from the outside but they have truly taken advantage of the Tivoli’s architectural features. I talk a lot about good vibes and atmospheres of restaurants/bars. At Mayorga as soon as you enter the doors you take a big sigh of relief it is so pleasant. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it is an absolute must!

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  • I’ve just recently learned the virtues of Mayorga Coffee and Lounge as well. Great spot to grab a coffee, read a book or mess around on your laptop(they have free wifi).

  • My wife an I went to the bar one Friday night and had an awesome time. The food was excellent, (best yuca I’ve ever had) the drinks were strong, and the service was fast and friendly. We were amazed that there weren’t more people in there. The exterior is so unassuming that I honestly think people don’t even know this place exists, but hopefully, through word of mouth, that will change.

  • its a crime not to have good paint work on a ceiling like that!

    : )

  • The calamari is great!

  • I recently went on a weekend night and the music was great, but the place was totally dead.

  • exactly! i’ve walked inside that place and walked right out and it’s not becuase it doesn’t look like a cool place to hang out, but because NO ONE is there! i’ve gone in twice now and not once was person was upstairs at the bar, including mayorga staff

    honestly i think it has something to do with the cheesy signage outside. hip, cool signage can go a long way to get people to walk through the door – instead the signage looks like it belongs atop a chuck-e-cheese resturant.

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