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ABC Science Teachers, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Welcome Orilena, Lindsay and Thajilah three science teachers for the new ABC charter school on Upshur St. I briefly checked out their open house. The building still needed some finishing touches but all in all it looked amazing.

So after briefly talking to the teachers, I learned that the school is for grades 6-8. Also, science and language arts are taught in English while math and social studies are taught in Spanish. About 50% of the students don’t speak Spanish as their primary language. School starts Monday, so best of luck to the teachers and students.

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  • Wow–I wish I could go and brush up on my spanish–what a cool idea! Do the kids need to know Spanish before going, or are they somehow supposed to pick it up? And do they need any school volunteers?

  • Some great volunteer opportunities with schools and/or people learning English: College Bound (assistance with application process, mentoring high school students:; Language ETC (in Kalorama, very comprehensive offerings to adults learning English:

  • Good luck to all teachers for the start of a new year! I think I would be very happy, as a student, to see those friendly faces.

    I have sent an email to the principal of Powell Elementary, my neighborhood elementary school, offering my services as a volunteer. I hope that soon I might be able to get an idea of what things are like inside at least one public school — we seem to hold them at arms’ length, sometimes. But they’re a part of our neighborhood too, just like all the wonderful charter and private schools.

  • I know Powell has a great Soccer team/Writing club organized by DC Scores (subsidiary of America Scores). I promise you will never regret or forget your experience volunteering there. Best of luck.

  • Hello all – I’m Charles Jackson the Executive Director of ABC. I want to encourage you all to stop by and even better to volunteer at our new school. Our kids are amazing as is our staff. Call me or Arie Baker at 202-822-6301.

  • Science Teachers Rock!!

  • Hi Anonymous,

    I’m Bill Murray, development officer for ABC Public Charter School, which is in its third year this 2007-2008 school year.

    The children entering ABC PCS don’t have to know Spanish before entering the school. The school has an ongoing need for volunteers, including for volunteering, organizing the library and heading up afterschool programs.

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