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  • I just had one yesterday! It was delicious.

  • I can’t believe you guys just tried this. It’s been on tap for a while now. It’s all I get there.

    Now, of the two bartenders, who is your favorite?

  • My favorite bartender is always the one that gives me free beer. But you should never date a bartender for beer… there have to be boundries.

  • PoP were you there yesterday around 645ish wearing all black? if so, I was driving by and i SAW YOU walking in. i have an image in my mind of what you look like..tell me i was right! the guy was wearing shorts and i swear i recognize those legs from one of the pics youve posted here in the past….ok that sounds scary.

  • I was there last night but I most certainly wasn’t wearing all black. I had a white Pamplona T-shirt on. Sorry.

  • He’s always tough to pick out unless you can spot the camera phone. Then you know you’ve got him!

    How about you PoP? Favorite bartender at Temperance?

  • Well, of course that is a very tough question. I like both of the bartenders very much. But if I was forced to pick I’d have to say Scott. We share a fanatic devotion to the Drive by Truckers and everytime I’m there without fail he has the Truckers playing on the radio. But honestly everyone from the cooks to the servers to the bartenders have always been fantastic so it is tough to pick a favorite…

  • I only ask because I’ve had this discussion with friends. I actually like them both, for different reasons.

    Dan knows beer better than anyone I’ve met and his surly side cracks me up.

    Scott is super laid back and funny as hell.

    Both are amazing bartenders either way.

  • The person in all black could have been me, but it was all navy blue. Did the shirt have a number on the back? I was with the PoP.
    But I think I have better legs than he does.

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