Let’s hope the .4 includes a toilet

For Rent in Petworth, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is a seemingly normal advertisement for a house to rent in Petworth. But upon closer inspection you can see that the house is listed as “1.4 Bath”. How do you not catch that? Since it is less than 2 bathrooms I would assume that, that .1 is very important if it indeed meant to say 1.5 Bath. I’m just saying…

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  • Most original Petworth homes have a full bath upstairs and a toilet in a closet in the basement. That basement “bathroom” does not have a sink and thus it is not a 1/2 bath. I’m assuming people are supposed to use the laundry sink/basin.

  • Wouldn’t that be .3 then…

  • Why not .25? I think washing your hands after is easily worth half of a bathroom’s worth.

  • You could wash your hands in the toilet (after flushing). Voila: “.4”.

  • I would assume the absence of the #1 and #2 functions that normally occur in a bathroom would be a -3.

    Add to that whatever the positive calculation is for a sink unit and there is you number.

    It’s latrine trigonometry.

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