If You Can’t Get a Tomato…

Plant a rose bush. Sure I had my two prize tomatoes eaten by a bastard squirrel or other such animal. Sure my cucumbers never even sprouted. Sure my peppers simply laughed at me. Well, plant a rose bush and you’ll still get some joy. They look great and don’t get eaten by animals!

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  • Kudos to you POP. I can barely keep our bushes and grass alive!

  • PoP, have you seen the front yards of the houses along Princeton, btwn Park Pl. and Warder? There are ~7 in a row that are amazing. You should get photos of those…

  • I have plenty of tomatoes and cucumbers form garden.
    Looks like the squirrels in my area (around Grant circle) are a bit of civilized, and not eating my vegetables.

  • It wasn’t a Squirrel that at my tomatos…..it was a Cardinal! Now I know why the birds are so red.

  • anonymous–no fair to brag about the garden if you don’t want to share with your Petworthian friends 🙂

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