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Little Green Bag, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

So as I was walking down 13th Street yesterday in Columbia Heights when I encountered, depending on your perspective, a neat or not so neat neighborhood find. I have spoken about these little zip lock bags before but I had never encountered a full one. I always thought I’d find a really small peanut butter and jelly sandwich inside but alas my eyes have finally been opened. Fortunately, I didn’t see the proprietor drop his stash but if I did should I have said, “excuse me sir, I think you dropped your stash?”. So anyway, I sold it for $20 bucks so that’s not so bad. (I’m just kidding mom.) To make a long story short, I smoked it. (I’m just kidding mom.) I threw it away. What would you have done with this neat find?

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  • You should have called the authorities to tell them you found a suspicious package!

  • I definitely would have smoked it

  • I would have put it in my marinara sauce, or used it with lamb chops.

  • Brownies!

  • You could feed it to your squirrels and then they’d be more interested in pizza and potato chips and stay away from your tomatoes.

    ‘Course they’d also end up sleeping on your couch and watching Jerry Springer all day.

  • That’s what you call a “ground score” in these parts.

    Definitely would have smoked it.

  • Now that I’m in stupid DC and need a security clearance I would just have left it for some other hipster. Prior to life here – definitely would have smoked it and then walked the streets enjoying this gorgeous weather!

  • I would have feed it to my labrador, followed it around for two weeks with a plastic bag, then I would smoke some really wicked shit!

  • Fonzy’s been watching the “Cheech & Chong” marathon on TBS… probably on PoP’s couch with the squirrels. Soon PoP will come home and ask them all if they looked for job today.

  • I know at least 3 other people who have found drugs in these small bags before on the street, including my self.

    However, it has been cocaine/crack rock, not weed.

    Drugs on the street are awesome.

  • this totally happened to me when i first moved in to the georgia-petworth area — only i found 3 bags! woo hoo! welcome to the neighborhood!

    an i smoked ’em! life is too short, y’all!

  • A few weeks ago, I actually saw a guy drop his stash in Sweet Mango Cafe. When he didn’t notice after a few minutes, I kindly pointed out that he’d dropped “something,” and he very quickly picked it up. Seemed weird to just leave it laying on the restaurant floor.

  • I’m totally in the Just Say No generation, but, wouldn’t you “I would have smoked it!” folks be scared it was laced with something else? Like…ANGEL DUST!????!!!

    (I don’t know what “angel dust” is, but the ABC After School Specials made it sound really bad.)

  • That was one of the greatest after school specials ever. She jumped out of the window! I couldn’t believe she jumped…

  • OK, I’m too old to have watched those afterschool specials. However… around here, “Angel Dust” (aka PCP) on weed used to be pretty common. That would be “loveboat.” For all I know, might still be common – I am out of the loop.

    Horrible stuff, and I have seen what it does to people. Not worth the risk.


  • hey P.o.p., you’re linked on DCist this a.m.!

  • The girl jumping out of the window in the after-school special is none other than Helen Hunt. Also the star of “Twister”, “Mad About You” and (one of the greatest movies EVER!) “The Quarterback Princess”.

  • Christina-

    I can almost assure that no one in DC is going to be scared of angel dust on their bud…these things just *don’t* happen.
    And honestly, most people would be able to look at the product and tell if there’s a white powder present and make a decision from there.

  • I found a tiny pink bag just like that one on Quincy a couple of weeks ago. What a lucky day I thought as I quickly pocketed it. But later on I decided against smoking the pot I found on the street. I ended up tossing it, but it still hurt a little.

  • Hate to rain on everyone’s weed parade, but what if a kid had found it. Better yet, what if your kid had found it? Hopefully they wouldn’t know what it was, but you never know.

    And all those who would have picked it up and smoked it, if you only knew where some of these mofos hide these little baggies, you’d think twice about picking that thing up with your bare hands.

  • The “Quarterback Princess” is a classic. Sort of the Citizen Kane of early ’80’s made-for-teevee movies. Sort of.

  • pcp *can* be powder form, but not necessarily. it can also be sublimated or turned into liquid. so, you wouldn’t be able to tell if it was laced.

    having said that, i think pop did the best thing. he took a picture and threw out the stash.

    sweet deal, PoP!

  • Fun fact: The actress jumping out that window is none other than Helen Hunt.

  • I thought that “love boat” or “boat” was weed dipped in formaldehyde. That’s what my co-workers used to tell me.

  • Mine are purple too!

  • The following is a public service announcement:

    “Only users lose drugs”

  • I thought that “love boat” or “boat” was weed dipped in formaldehyde. That’s what my co-workers used to tell me.

    Naw son, that’s called a “dipper”.

  • @ anonymous #3 I’ve heard it referred to as “ground support” but never “ground score.”

    As far as weed laced with formaldehyde is concerned the street name (in my day anyway) is “ill.”

    Kids these days dip cigs and joints in PCP and call ’em dippers as the anon before me stated.

  • They don’t call them wet cigarettes anymore? Most of the old skewl West coast rappers all refer to smoking formaldehyde laced cigs as getting wet.

  • I made the same discovery a few weeks ago and smoked it. I figured why waste that Petworth goodness?? It was my first smoke in two years and was gift from above.

  • Why would one smoke anything laced in formaldehyde? Does it give an enhanced high?

  • I can’t believe you’re all talking about smoking some random bag of weed lying around on the streets. Y’all are a trip.

    Glad I don’t do drugs.

  • Christina-

    Check out the song “Put on tha Set” or “Wet Dream” (no, not that kind of wet dream….) from WC and the Madd Circle’s 1995 classic “Curb Servin’.” Both give insight in to the effects of formaldehyde.

  • Uh…maybe I’ll just google it instead.

  • I love mini-PBJs!!!

  • i would ov smelt it an smoked that bag up mann ( if it woz weed ) Haha

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