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I know, my camera phone is terrible. But I think you can see how cool Colorado Kitchen is from this blurry photo. Colorado Kitchen is located on 14th and Colorado and is probably one of the coolest restaurants in DC. It is not cheap. But you pay for the good food and huge portions. I had the fried chicken with mash potatoes and corn and it fed me for two days. An all around cool joint worth checking out but bring your check book!

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  • My favorite restaurant! I don’t think it’s too expensive, when you think about the quality of the food. I know you’re the Prince of Petworth but the Prince of, say, K Street, is used to paying a lot more for his grub. And I think Gillian Clark makes, hands down, the best burgers in town. Burger Night is awesome.

    In addition to an empty stomach, I always advise the guests that I force to go with me to this wonderful restaurant (they all end up loving it) to bring a heapin’ helpin’ of patience. The service can be kind of iffy, especially for brunch. And the chef can be a bit prickly about making substitutions. But we’re big kids, we can handle that.

  • CK is one of the most unique restaurants in DC, from it’s quirky kitsch (S&P shakers from garage sales across america?) to solid food choices and friendly staff, it is a great destination for a nice dinner with friends. Great beer & wine selection, too. They need a host–that’s the only drawback I see. There is no one to greet you or take names, and guests pile up at the door and wait outside.

  • I had the worst customer service experience at this restaurant. At first I was intrigued by what friends called the owner’s “fiery attitude,” which can be witnessed when you hear yelling coming from the kitchen. HOWEVER, the waitress overcharged us by 100% for an item, refused to fix the mistake, the manager/owner refused to come talk to us about the problem (instead waving for us to come into the kitchen!), when she finally came, she insulted us by suggesting we were lying about what we ordered, and repeating (completely irrelevantly to the situation at hand) that she used the best ingredients and therefore her prices are justified. I like to support local restaurants, and have had great experieces at the other restaurants in CH and Petworth, but I will NEVER go back to Colorado Kitchen.

    Lily’s is great and a convenient way to escape the (inevitable) line at Colorado Kitchen if you happen to end up there against my recommendation.

  • Christina: nearly everything in DC seems expensive to me. I’m used to getting a quality meal for two, including 2 rounds of wine or beer, for $40. That’s an impossibility in DC. What’s worse, is I’ve paid $80 for some really, really bad meals here (lots of good ones too). Adjusting to the restaurant situation has been the hardest part of moving here from Houston where I ate out constantly. DC’s selection of cheap high-quality restaurants is very slim compared to what I was used to.

    But this chilly July weather is much better than H-town. Plus, since Houston is now vying with Philly to be the new metro murder capital of the USA I can tell everyone back in Texas how glad I am to be in safe and quiet DC. Hee hee.

  • I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience at CK. I’ve been going there, mostly on burger night, for years. Other than having to wait a bit for food, I’ve never had any problems. And even if I did, I don’t know that I could give up those burgers…those delicious burgers – which, by the way, are on par with Temp’s prices.

  • Prince, get a Nokia N95 and your camera phone pics will look awesome.. 🙂 Plus you can post and blog directly from it.

  • this place has been a real boon for a restaurant starved neighborhood like this one. (i live about ten minutes away by foot). its small, popular, therefore hard to get into sometimes, but ive never had a bad experience. i also like lily’s a lot.

  • oden — I hear you. On the other hand, when I take my friends from New York to this restaurant, they can’t believe how cheap it is.

    Anonymous #1 — I’ve heard enough stories about terrible service at CK to discount yours. I wish it had been better for you, if only because I like the place so much. I’ve never heard yelling; my bad service experiences just involve slowness.

    But life is too short to be jerked around; I’m glad there’s another place you like right up the street!

  • I’ll just add that, I, too, had some discerning friends from NYC visit. I brought them to Colorado Kitchen, and they had nothing but great things to say about it.

  • What night is “Burger Night,” and what’s the deal?

  • My husband and I went in one time with high expectations and it SUCKED. A ten-year-old could have made more sophisticated grub and the service was terrible. I don’t mean “sophisticated” in the high and mighty fine dining sense, its just that the food looked like some left overs my mum threw together on her worst night!! The potatoes tasted straight out of the box. Since some of my neighbors seemed to have a much better time, perhaps it is worth trying one more time but I’m skeptical!!

  • Rumor has it CK is expanding, and it is closed during August. Does anyone know whether it closes every August or whether it is closing to expand, etc?

  • It closes every August for vacation.

    Frankly, I’d be happy to see them stay closed. I was SO excited when they opened, went as often as possible, loved the food. But the service was bad from the start and got worse. And we were in there a lot, but the staff never even bothered to recognize us enough to say hi. One day the service was SO rude and slow that we asked to speak to the manager and got ignored, then yelled at when she did deign to talk to us.

    We left, and haven’t been back.

    I know, her place, her rules.

    I also know that front of the house matters as much as back of the house, and she can’t manage both.

  • FYI, i just found this on a Washington Post blog:

    Colorado Kitchen is now operating in summer hours, which means that they close Monday-Wednesday, but the restaurant will open sporadically for special Wednesday wine dinners. The first dinner takes place next Wednesday at 6:30 with a focus on wines off the beaten path. Items include a slow-roasted serrano ham-stuffed leg of lamb, duck confit and mixed berries with angel food.

  • Burger night — on Thursdays and Sundays (during regular hours; not sure what’s up during the summer) burgers are on the menu.

    And they are very good. I like them because the meat is actually seasoned (like Mommy used to make! Before Mommy figured out that Saturated Fat Can Kill) as opposed to just being a piece of ground meat on the grill. The shoestring onion rings don’t hurt, either. A cheeseburger, onion rings and a Cheerwine — that’s good eatin’.

  • Hi, this is Gillian, Chef at CK. I was surfing the web to see who it was that snapped a camera phone shot as we opened a few Sundays ago. We were all wondering what that was all about. I’m glad so many of you love my restaurant. We try really hard to make it a great experience for everyone. If you hear me yelling back there. I’m yelling at a server to hurry and take you your food. Or Robin is yelling at someone to get them to greet the folks at the door. We’ve come a long way from the first days. We have a team of really competent folks now. However, sometimes they get overwhelmed by how many people are in the room. If I appear grouchy it is because I do all of the cooking. ALL OF IT. And I do all of it from scratch. I was not going to write but when someone said that my potatoes came from a box I had to say something. I boil 17 potatoes and then mash them, stirring in hot cream and butter. I do it. Not a prep cook. I make all of the sauces and I’m the one behind the stove. Yes I have had to leave the kitchen and talk to irate customers. I remember anonymous #1. He wanted just half a mimosa. But we don’t do that. There was a misunderstanding. The server sold him the whole thing. They drank just about all of it. I agreed to take it off of the bill. But he continued to rant and rave and swear the server was a liar. She started sobbing. I remember asking him to calm down. But he continued to stomp up and down and carry on. I asked him to leave and not bother paying for anything. In these situations I ask people not to come back. I know some of you guys know that some people are looking for a bad time. Not that Anon was. But we can see them when they come in. Nonetheless, we try really hard to make a great experience for everyone. As for our prices. Gosh. I think they’re pretty reasonable….only two things over 20. We’ve got a great casserole for about 10 bucks. I can barely eat the whole thing. If you’ve had a bad time or a long wait, try us for Sat brunch or Thur nights (burgers) it’s not so busy. But don’t every accuse me of cooking processed food. That is just not true. Those are fighting words. I take food very seriously. I use 100% jumbo lump in my crab cakes. I soak my chicken for fried chicken in buttermilk for 24 hours so it is as tender as can be. I’m very serious about this and I take none of it lightly. You will have good food at CK. If you insist on having something that’s not on the menu like 1/2 mimosa, or a grilled cheese sandwhich for your culture-deprived child then you might not leave as happy as the other 40 people in the room.

  • Dear Anonymous who posted July 16th, 2007 at 10:56 am – yeah, two years ago. I just love how your claim of getting charged 100% too much (because you were charged for a mimosa when you’d ordered a “half mimosa” which isn’t on the menu – did you order a half martini that night to help calm down? did they like that at spaghetti western?) stays up there for years for everyone to see. and you probably re-posted that flat out lie later in the day that the chef had to clear up. nice job souring impressions of a unique place that actually prepared real food – it might still be around if tools like you would have stayed in adams morgan for breakfast – sorry that slipped, you might not have contributed to the loss of a place that actually cared about food a little more than kissing ass – maybe you just ruined the morning for a server, the chef and whoever had to listen to your tantrum. it’s a small place so pretty much everyone would have witnessed it. i want to make hash out of you and serve it to your friends…but you’ve probably moved to new york or someplace where people who don’t go out to nourish themselves as much as their sense of self importance. i feel sorry for you.

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