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So I’ve recently been bombarded with Michael Brown and Muriel Bowser campaign materials. Have you guys? Have they persuaded anyone? Or do they go straight in the trash?

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  • I have received campaign materials in the mail from Muriel Bowser, Michael Brown, and Graylan Scott Hagler. They go straight to the trash because I’ve previously collected most of it. I’ve also been robo-called by Muriel’s campaign. As a rule, I won’t vote for anyone that robo-calls me. So, choosing a candidate just got a little easier.

  • I decided not to vote for Brown when he repeatedly failed to have the sidewalk in front of his “Petworth office” cleared during the last couple snowstorms.

  • I get (paper) mail from Michael and email from both MBs. I think the only robocall was from Dwight Singleton, who did not even give a reason I should support him. My wife got a survey call, which I think was the Muriel survey rather than the Michael survey.

    It may be annoying, but they have to get their message to us somehow, don’t they? Given how little of our government we get to vote for, I am willing to give them some slack.

    I just wish I were not torn three or four ways in choosing who gets my vote.

  • hey ed, I don’t know the exact date but brown’s office moved to upper georgia ave, so I am not sure if he was still there or not…so just thought I would let you know Ed….

  • Ed, that is funny to hear you say so because my mother fell in love with Michael Brown for taking the shovel out of her hand and clearing her entire walk way for her…she said now I know he was just coming to knock on my door then I happened to already be outside but it was nice of him to do so.

  • well at least we see Michael Brown was taught to respect his elder’s…that’s a good thing.

  • annon…mygirlfriend told me that Michael Brown got the bags out of the car for her neighbor, act of kindness are good.

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