The king of the Washinton Post anoits Ward 4 council candidates?

Colbert I. King, Washington Post columnist plans to anoint 6 competitive Ward 4 council candidates. From his column on Saturday:

“Of the 17 candidates at the Ward 4 forum, six were quite competitive. Stay tuned.”

Who will the lucky 6 be? Any guesses? Does he have the right to anoint 6 as competitive? Stay tuned…that’s my line!

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  • well we know 1 of the six wasn’t muriel bowser since she got booed!

  • It is Saturday, March 10th, and where is the suggested list of competitive Ward 4 City Councilmember candidates? I can’t wait to see the list, and the rationale for who is included and who is not.

    Unfortunately, this important race is not getting sufficient media coverage. We need to put more heat on the candidates to show why they should get the job, which is cushy, well-paying, and part-time.

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