Michael Brown Banner Goes Mobile

I was greeted this morning at the metro by a giant Michael Brown banner. Personally, I prefer to have my coffee before I am greeted by gigantic Ward 4 Council candidates.

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  • I give this fella the skeptical side eye. I feel like he just wants an office and is not really about representing the Ward 4 residents.

  • Vague Ponderings, I agree with you. However, I tend to believe that the lower-profile candidates are just looking for a good-paying part-time gig. I wonder what the field of candidates would look like, if the Ward 4 City Councilmember job was paid on a per-diem basis.

  • It may be true that some of the candidates are looking for an easy gig. But I have spoken to quite a few whose years of service to our city convince me they will do a 24/7 job if elected.

  • I have met many of the candidates for Ward 4 and Michael Brown seems to be the one candidate that has the full package. He was raised in Ward 4, has always been involved in the community, and knows a lot about how our city is doing financially. It is unfair to catagorize him as someone who is just seeking an office and does not care about the community in which he has grown and now raises his family. Sounds to me like “vague ponderings” should spend a little time getting to know all of the candidates more before making “vague” statements like the one posted on 3/30/07.

  • I disagree with you anonymous right above this comment. The onus is on Michael Brown to make vague ponderings feel differently. Just like it is up to all the politicians to earn our votes. To be honest, you sound like you work for his campaign. Vague Ponderings feel free to ponder about whatever, whenever you want. I appreciate your thoughts.

  • Prince of Petworth, you have said a truthful mouthful. The previously anonymous poster highlights what he/she thinks are good criteria for being a “full package” candidate.

    1. Was raised in Ward 4
    2. Is involved in the community
    3. Have knowledge about how our city is doing financially

    Is this enough to earn a vote? Other candidates can tout that they also possess the “full package.”

  • I give him the side eye — and will continue to do so — because 5 mins ago he wanted to be mayor of the city. Why should I believe his leap into the race for the Ward 4 council seat isn’t just a new angle in his plan to land in the mayor’s office? Also, has Michael Brown stopped by to meet me and sell me on his candidacy? No. I spend my time in two areas of the 4th Ward — Lamond-Riggs and Petworth — so he has TWO opportunities to meet me and win my vote. At least three candidates have made that effort in the past few weeks.

  • vague pondering you have made clear that you support Muriel “has done nothing” Bowser so why would anyone waste their time with you….they would meet with those open to meeting others. Put you contact info out here so one of us can pass it on to him.

  • Michael Brown has done alot for ward 4 and other wards across the city.
    He paid for the girls basketball team at Roosevelt to be able to travel to compete in the championship game, but just because he didn’t take an add out in the paper to say he did it doesn’t mean he has done nothing, and we also know that he comes from “money” has “money” so he can do this job on a full-time basis. He has done alot for Whitman Walker clinic when they were trying to keep their doors open so know what you speak on before speaking.

  • Rock Creek Church Ward 1 Side,
    Why didn’t Michael Brown’s campaign office EVER shovel the snow on the sidewalk on both 7th Street or Quincy! Made me want to ask him about constituent services. Now I just let me dog crap on his lawn in hopes he will step in it! (actually I always scoop the poop, but if I were mean, I’d leave it)

  • My name is Charles Gaither. I am a candidate for the Ward 4 City Council Election on May 1st.

    I happen to be a native of Washington DC. I grew up in Shepherd Park and have lived in Petworth and now in Brightwood with my wife.

    I graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School and from UDC with a degree in Urban Studies. I have tutored, mentored and volunteered in many capacities in the school system.

    I have also provided constituent services for Ward 4 residents as an outreach coordinator in the Mayor’s Office, I have served as an Education Specialist for the Board of Education, and I also been employed by the Chief of Police to do outreach for the District of Columbia.

    Additionally, I have been elected to serve on The local Democratic Party for 4 consecutive terms (1992, 1996, 2000 & 2004) in Ward 4. I also served the Party as the Executive Director in 1993 and 1994.

    I have been committed to public service since 1981 when I participated in a high school service project where I tutored weekly at Takoma Elementary School.

    I have been reading this blog for the past few weeks and felt compelled to make you aware of my candidacy and my record.

    Unlike some of the other well-funded campaigns, I do not have the means to produce and pay for expensive camapaign materials and a bevy of consultants. I am relying on a few friends and neighbors that recognize my past and believe as I do in a responsible and good government that provides support and services to all residents of the Ward.

    Please visit my site at:


    email or call me at: [email protected] and/or 202-306-9867 (cell)

    I am committed to Ward 4 and would very much like to have your consideration for May 1st.

    Also know that I am campaigning full time so I do have time to visit with you to hear your issues, concerns and figure out a way to implement solutions.


  • To Anonymous’ post about shoveling snow, I saw people with Michael Brown shirts breaking up the ice infront of their office on Quincy. Not sure what the laws are, but you have to admit that is admirable with the thick ice storm we got.

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