If life gives you lemons

Painted flowers, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Let’s say you don’t exactly have a green thumb, well, then you may want to copy what this one house did. They painted a flower box under some windows in their alley. It looks sweet and I suppose requires very little care. Speaking of life giving you lemons I’m off to the Thievery benefit concert tonight so stay tuned for some more posts tomorrow night.

On another note, I’ve really enjoyed the responses to last week’s Friday question of the week. You should read the comments. I’m just curious, has anyone had candidates come to their house on a door to door campaign. I haven’t had any yet and I’m a bit surprised not to see any candidates if they are trying to emulate Fenty’s techniques.

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  • Door knocks add a personal touch to campaigning. I haven’t had any candidates knock on my door — or know of any candidates buzzing the intercoms in my apartment building. I don’t expect anyone, least of all one candidate who has made her contempt for renters a note of public ANC record, at a time during which she probably didn’t think she’d be a serious contender for Ward4 council.

  • I had Muriel Bowser come last month. And last week my wife said another Bowser (not muriel) came by… Are they sisters?

  • Some reverend fella came by on Saturday.

  • Olive: Renee Bowser is not related to Muriel. Renee is the Statehood/Green candidate who is a union lawyer and labor activist. Like Muriel, she is intelligent and articulate, but otherwise very different.

    Vague: Two reverends are in the race. Reverend Childs is a compact, clean-shaven former member of the Board of Ed. Reverend Hagler is large and VERY bearded; an outspoken, progressive activist. You probably saw Childs; I think Hagler would have made a stronger impression.

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