Catching a cab to Petworth?

Good luck. Although it used to be a lot worse. I remember some years ago when I would get into a cab in Adams Morgan and tell them that I was going to Petworth and they would actually laugh at me. Things have gotten much better now. There was a time when cab drivers were terrified of Petworth. Even if they hadn’t driven there before, they told me that Petworth was a “wild west” and they wouldn’t go there. I would usually curl into the fetal position and refuse to exit the cab until they took me. I was stunned at the time and it was quite a pain in the ass having to beg cab drivers for a ride home. I have to say it has gotten a lot better today. Not only do cab drivers not laugh anymore they usually know exactly how to get to my house without any directions. Progress, slowly, slowly but progress indeed.

Now if we could just catch a cab from Petworth…

[Ed. note: disclaimer, I realize not all cab drivers behaved this way, I realize I am generalizing, but for the most part based on my personal experiences it used to be a real pain in the ass catching a cab to Petworth and it is nearly impossible to catch one from Petworth.]

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  • I just realized that DC blogs featured two blogs today that talked about cabs in DC, Minerva and the Muse and New Kid on the Eckington block. It must have seeped into my subconscious, I didn’t mean to jump on the cabbie bandwagon but I guess I did.

  • It’s not even just Petworth, even just down a few blocks and on the other side of Georgia, sometimes convincing a cab to go there. By the way, it’s 100% illegal for them to deny you. The whole “well I was looking for a fare on my way home” bit, BS!!!! Take their ID number from their face card and report their stupid ass to the Taxi Cab Commission. If they ever get a new director they might do something about it.

  • Having lived here for 3 years, I’ve seen how much easier it is to catch cabs both to and from Petworth. I work many nights and often take cabs home after midnight. The last time I had a driver give me any trouble was shortly after I moved here, so things have definitely been improving. Also, living just below Randolph Street, I’m withing 2 zones from work, so I’m a huge supporter of keeping the zone system in DC cabs. I believe a metered cab would cost me more to get home each night.

  • Where do you catch a cab from Petworth? I’ve always had trouble on that end.

  • I usually walk down to the intersection of Georgia and NH Ave to catch a cab.

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