Visionary, Not Reactionary – Art Exhibition

Meridian International Center
1624 Crescent Place NW
Washington, D.C. 20009

Free and Open to the Public – Gallery Nights:

June 8, June 22, July 6 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM ET

ABOUT THE EXHIBITION – Visionary, Not Reactionary

Art is the best expression for democracy. It is the sharpest tool we have for transformational love and community, traits that underpin and drive the success of all democratic movements. It invites us to engage in a multitude of perspectives that challenge us to think more deeply and critically about what shapes and drives us, what compels us to action and how we can relate more compassionately to ourselves and others in times of social and political crises. These artists inspire us to consider the complexity and discomfort of our humanity and at the same time, our capacity to co-exist, collaborate, and imagine beyond what we can see and what we thought was possible. Their work inspires inclusivity in civic engagement, empowering justice and democracy to flourish.

At Meridian International Center (1624 Crescent Place NW, Washington, DC 20009)

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