Oh My.

Thanks to Allen for sending the photo above from the “Church where propane tanks were on fire”

Unrelated but I gotta share somewhere – from Andrea:

“I was walking home from work yesterday at 6pm. On the corner of Florida and U st. There was a late 20’s early 30’s guy talking on his cell phone passing by. “yeah man you know I live in Dupont circle…yeah its a monument to the chemical company…at least I think so”


Thanks to all who sent in entries this week. If you overhear a funny convo or quote – please email it to [email protected] with “I Swear to God they said that!” in the title.

Paging Kierkegaard, paging Søren Kierkegaard

I’m at Chinatown metro – I just heard, “What kind of millennial are you?!” “I know. I don’t like hummus either, or tomatoes…”

The next six weeks will be a breeze and a blur

Overheard in the Logan Exchange Co-working Lounge:

Young woman to coworker: “Did I tell you I’m killing it at Lent this year!? No beer or wine. Booze only.”

So that’s what the whole ‘Happy Holidays’ thing is all about.

Lyft Line driver from D.C., completely genuinely: “Did you know there are people from other countries who don’t celebrate Christmas? Like India, Jamaica, and Colombia.” Read More


The quote that created the new title for our series:

At the RNC meeting at the Washington Hilton:

“Chinese Americans really love Bushes”

Cmon let’s be friends!

As overheard on the 70 bus:

“Elderly woman to the security guard while trying to charm her way out of paying for the bus: Who hurt you, baby? Who done you wrong?”

Ride with me, bro.

On a Saturday afternoon in January, as an ambulance screams along 10th St. NW toward U St., a guy in his 20s (no earbuds) takes his time crossing 10th, making the ambulance slow down.

As the guy gets to the other side of the street, a voice from the ambulance megaphone blasts out: “Next time you don’t get out of the way, you’re riding with me, bro.”

Many more after the jump. Read More


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