“Package Mis-Deliveries” and “Piles of mail for previous residents”

“Dear PoPville,

Since Covid, all package deliveries are left in the lobby of our building, located in the 500 block of M St, SE. However, this morning I was surprised to see an actual pile of packages – eight in total.

As I looked through them for any for our company, I realized NONE were for our address.

It seems as if they had just been dumped there by USPS. I looked up a couple tracking numbers and saw “package delivered, left with someone at the address.”

Also, less than a month ago, I had some important documents overnighted to the building, but they didn’t arrive. However, when I looked up the USPS tracking number, the envelope had supposedly been delivered, and even had a forgery of my signature! I finally found the envelope floating around the lobby a week later.

My question is, what can be done about packages that are mis-delivered to make sure they get to their intended recipients? And is there any way to file a complaint against a mail carrier?

I feel bad for the people waiting on their packages – is there any way to let these people know what happened to them, without plastering their personal info all over popville? (I have attached the photos of the address labels.)

(BTW, I took the packages to the post office and reported them as mis-delivered, but they are going back to the same mail carrier, so who knows where they will end up…)

Thanks. I HATE waiting on packages that are marked as delivered but haven’t shown up.”


“Dear PoPville,

I just bought a house that’s been vacant for over a month, yet every day the mailbox fills with mail for 5 or 6 different ex-residents. I can’t reasonably do my usual, which is to write “no such addressee/return to sender” on each. Anyone know if a post office might accept a large dump of this mail, or would it just get sent back to me eventually so I shouldn’t bother? I forgot to mention, soon I’ll be renting the house to multiple tenants (not chosen yet), so putting out a note to only deliver mail for my name won’t work. Trying to solve this before anyone moves in (both getting the accumulated mail to all rightful owners, and stopping it going forward).”

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