First Post Pub and Now the Mighty Uptown Movie Theater Shall Rise Again!!

3426 Connecticut Ave, NW

March 13, 2020 was a terrible day for movie fans. But just as the Post Pub got a second lease on life, so too it appears does the Uptown!! Thanks to Owen for sending from an upcoming ANC meeting:

“some progress with the Uptown Theater. It seems they applied for a liquor license.”

Consideration of a Resolution Regarding Request for a Stipulated License for Uptown Theater at 3426 Connecticut Ave NW

On Twitter the Cleveland Park account shares:

“The Uptown Theater is coming back, with adult beverages!

Yes, it will be reopening as a movie theater (Landmark). It’s for a Class D/X license – beer & wine sold & consumed at a multi-use facility (movie theater).”


To the benevolent ones above, Now do Cap Lounge!

“Patience is sorrow’s salve.” W.S.C.

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