“Get ready to indulge in a week long Crab Fest at CHIKO”

From a press release:

“WHAT: As Summer comes to an end, we tend to forget that the biggest and tastiest Maryland crabs are harvested from September to mid-November. That is why, The Fried Rice Collective chefs, Danny Lee and Scott Drewno, have decided to showcase how fundamental this Chesapeake Bay staple is to the culinary culture of our area. This celebration will consist of daily unique crab-inspired dishes that blend together their modern cooking techniques with authentic Chinese and Korean flavors. The repertoire is as follows:

Monday: Crab Rangoon with Sweet Chili Sauce (fresh crab and cream cheese wontons served with signature sweet chili sauce)

Tuesday: Pork and Crab Dumpling with Garlic Chive and Citrus Soy (classic rich filling of pork and fresh crab steamed to perfection. Served with signature citrus soy sauce)

Wednesday: Singapore Chili Crab with Jumbo Lump Blue Crab over Griddle Toast (our version of Singapore’s unofficial national dish served on a freshly baked toast)

Thursday: Spicy Crab and Chewy Rice Cake Stir Fry with Zucchini (crunchy rice cakes

Sunday: Maryland Crab Fried Rice with Wok Roasted Corn and XO Paste

Prices range between $11.00 – $18.00

WHEN: Monday, September 27th – Sunday, October 3rd

WHERE: All CHIKO locations

WHY: Crabs are a traditional food source in China and Korea. The delicacy is at its prime during the autumn months and that is why Chefs Danny Lee and Scott Dewno will use the best of the Chesapeake to create exciting dishes paired with modern cooking techniques and traditional Chinese and Korean flavors.”

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