“Anyone else in DC have undisclosed fees for Conservice in their rent?”

“Dear PoPville,

Wondering if anyone else in DC has run into this issue with their property management. My building (managed by JBG Smith) uses a third party biller to charge for utilities called Conservice. The third party biller is disclosed in the lease, however, the fees they charge are not – I was charged

$10 to “set up” my account and there is a $4.95 monthly service charge to bill me for my sewer, trash and water. On top of being annoyed I am being billed $5 a month to be billed, these fees were never mentioned by the leasing office and are not disclosed in any of my rental documents, and there is no way to opt-out or alternative. I’m wondering if anyone else in DC has run into this. Also, I contacted the OAG and they told me the would contact my building to warn them not to charge fees that were not in the lease, and I would appreciate if anyone running into this contacted the OAG as well so they are aware of the extent it’s happening.”

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