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Looks like someone listed their backyard as a restaurant on yelp

Thanks to Caroline for sending. And the reviews are (mostly) top notch:

“Great food and drinks made and served by the owner/chef. Deducted one star because the proprietor mocked me mercilessly for ladling soup onto my entree (I thought it was a sauce after a few drinks).

You won’t go home hungry, sober or early.”

“I must say I’m a bit surprised at the lack of Michelin attention given some of the other restaurants on the list in the area.

Also, the soup ladling story mentioned in the four star review is NOT the full picture and leaves out some EXTREMELY important details that would change everything. Do not trust it.”

“While the service is great, I could do without the owner asking for help with manual labor tasks like stringing up lights, moving furniture, mounting heaters, and once even labelling the circuits on his breaker. Nonetheless, the experience of spending an evening at Chez Shelleby is without rival. 5 stars.”

“Guests are sometimes able to request the music and the owner always takes our Rihanna request.”

“The jukebox may be a little diva-heavy, and sometimes dinner service is delayed, but the amazing food makes up for it.”

“The menu is prix fixe and chef’s choice. I’ve had Italian, Asian, American, State Fair, and cheese-centric meals–all have been fantastic! Some of the appetizer pairings are unique (shrimp and Wisconsin Kringle, for instance), but they are made with love.

It’s important for diners to know that meal service can be extremely slow. One night we were told dinner would be served at 8:00pm but we didn’t receive our main course (lamb) until 10:15pm. The chef can be a bit bitchy if you bring up the delay.

I will mention that it can be hard to leave the restaurant. The owner tries to guilt every guest into staying long into the night, even if they want to go home. He has a trick where he gets everyone to pick a song for their exit music, which extends your visit for another 20-30 minutes every time.

All that said, you can’t find a better meal or atmosphere anywhere in the district.”

“Be forewarned that not all things that appear to be edible actually are, and you’ll want to make sure your babysitter doesn’t expect you home before 1 AM.”

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