Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Our neighbors have a large mulberry tree that extends into our back patio. Every year around this time, the mulberries fall but we usually just wait out the 3-4 weeks and regularly sweep them into the back garden, then we’re mulberry free by mid June. However, this year when we came back from our Memorial Day travels, we noticed that all the berries that have fallen and have been swept into the garden are starting to mold (I suppose the way any unrefrigerated/old fruit would?)

We’ve been in the space about 4 years now and haven’t noticed this before. Has anyone else had this problem with fruit falling from trees? We would hate to ask the neighbor to cut back all of the branches because 1) it’s their tree and 2) we really do enjoy having all of the greenery around, but are struggling to find a solution to effectively clean up all the mold on the patio stones and in our mulch/garden. Any ideas aside from completely digging everything up? Thanks so much for any help!”


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