Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Hoping for some advice on who to call to get help dealing with a contractor whose work has kicked off a block-wide rat-fest of insane proportion.

It’s a row house on our block (one of two being re-done) and the yard is full of giant dead bushes and massive mulch piles which the rats have re-made into a kind of multi-level Mall of America for themselves and hundreds of their best buddies. They’re now running through every yard on the block day and night.

I can only imagine the keyboard warriors who are right now readying their comments about how construction always unearths some pest issues and this is part of living in a densely populated area. But, guys, I’ve lived here 15 years and have never seen something so completely buck wild.

I’ve tried calling the contractor but there’s no answer and no prompt to leave a message. Is there anything beyond calling 311 (neighbors have tried) that can help? I doubt there is a product I can purchase that would deter or remove them. What options have people tried?”


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